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Letter: Healthy profits for insurers in Obamacare

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Healthy profits for insurers in Obamacare

The so-called Millennial Generation is opting out of the Affordable Care Act. They don’t see why they should be forced by the government to pay higher health-care insurance rates to support older folks whose health-care requirements are so much greater than their own.

Millions of citizens are exempt from the law because they’re part of a specific group: employee unions and other supporters of the original law. Congress is also in that pile, and they are definitely a group all of their own kind. They exempted themselves right away. Other special interest groups are exempt from the law as well. And then there are the great number of folks among the working poor who will be receiving some assistance in paying for their insurance. This assistance will vary according to income and the number of persons in the family.

Actually signing up for this great deal is really becoming a problem for the government. The website where you sign up has been poorly designed and implemented. Why didn’t they start out with some sort of mechanism in place for gradual signups? For example, the signups could have been coordinated using the last number of a person’s social security number, or alphabetically by a person’s last name.

Also, why are there so many outright lies about the whole thing? Either it is a good deal or it isn’t.

Also, where is all the money going? Who is going to make out the most with all this money being spent on health care?

I have given a lot of thought to this, and my belief is that most of the money will end up in the insurance industry. We are being forced to buy health care insurance. It just seems logical to me that the insurance industry is the one who will make out the best in all of this.

Can somebody please explain the Affordable Care Act so that I can understand it better? The Congress and the administration can’t seem to come up with any logical information — or at least something they don’t have to lie to the public about.




On the contrary, the

On the contrary, the insurance industry will go bankrupt without a government bailout. Older, sicker people are enrolling - because they know that they need medical treatment. The insurance industry loses money on these folks and people with pre-existing conditions. The people that were envisioned to make up for the money lost on the elderly and pre-existing conditions - the young and invincible are not signing up. The young and invincible have few healthcare needs. They also feel that they have better things to do with the $2000 that Obamacare would cost them (especially since not signing up will cost them a $95 penalty). So, when all is said and done, unless the government makes up for the insurance industry's losses, they will go bankrupt.

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