Letter: Hood’s logic faulty on tax decline, job growth

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Hood’s logic faulty on tax decline, job growth

Once again readers of The Daily Advance are subjected to the questionable reasoning of columnist John Hood. In his Monday, Dec. 3 column, “New employment figures give liberals a reality check,” he notes that from June 2011 to October of this year North Carolina employment grew by 4.4 percent while U.S. employment grew only 3.8 percent. This fact is offered as evidence supporting the fiscally conservative policies of the North Carolina Legislature, including allowing the sales tax rate to decline by 1 percent. This decision required even more significant cuts to state government spending to deal with the state’s fiscal issues.

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Its more than a little

obvious that this letter writer is not informed when it comes to understanding even rudimentary basic economics. The state is obviously, for more reasons than Mr. Hood cites here, making the much needed and proper economic course corrections to pull our state out of its all too lengthy economic doldrums

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