Letter: Hospital would have deal if Duke had contract

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Oh no! Here we go. Pasquotank commissioners’ choice of a lease partner for Albemarle Hospital is starting to drag its feet. Sentara Healthcare uses the excuse that, due to the complexity and volume of tasks involved in a transition of this magnitude, the launch of their partnership with the hospital must be delayed from Jan. 1, 2014, to a later date, likely Feb. 1, 2014.

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Breech of Contract

If I understand correctly the land was never part of nor implied part of the contract entered into by the County. If this is correct than why are the County Commissioners and the Hospital Authority sucking up to Sentara? The county should and must insist that Sentara honor its contract or face severe alternates. First, cancel the contract and sue of loses. Second Sue for loses and find a real management company. if Sentara wants the land then let them buy it, simple. Now for any delays the county should have the guts to impose (as a government body it has the authority) a severe penility lets say an even number, 1 million dollars a day. the money would go directly into the public health account. Gee, what unique thought, a council and hospital authority with guts, something not seen around here in years.


If a bullfrog had wings, he wouldn't bump his butt everytime he landed. Come on Ernie, your rhetoric is sounding like the recent "What if" show about President Kennedy and "what if he hadn't been killed" with all kinds of suppositions. Hey, here's a thought! What if Ernie lets his fantasies go and begins to live in the real world of right now? That is my Christmas wish!

Since Freespeaker mentioned fantasies,

I wonder if Mr. Askew still thinks Duke Life Point is Duke Hospital in Durham.

Look what Sentara did for the debt.

Commissioners, give Sentara use of the land in question. We need a world class medical partner in this area.

"If commissioners and

"If commissioners and hospital authority board members had chosen to partner with Duke LifePoint instead, they would have a partner whose aggressive and not oppressive. Duke LifePoint would have hit the floor running and already be creating jobs. Duke LifePoint is among the top three corporations in the state of North Carolina for creating jobs. The complexities in the lease agreement already would have been addressed and solutions implemented." How does Mr. Askew know all this? Crystal ball?

Sounds like someone ...

is a little bitter that his team didn't win and therefore no one can come in and do as good of a job. It must be nice to have the power of clairvoyance, to bad he didn't share that information with everyone early on ;)

This could be said for any of the bidders

It was not Sentara that was quoted for the delay but the Hospital Authority blaming Sentara. Obviously the "complexity of the task" is a poor blame excuse and the latter article highlighting problems over land that was never negotiated / discussed / considered part of the lease is probably one of many sticking points. I think, and I do stress "think" that any of the bidders; even Duke Lifepoint would have more than enough reason for concern seeing how the patients files probably show a very bad trend, one that correlates to the county. One in every five citizens is considered indigent, unemployment is rising getting nearer to 11 percent in the county, the county is losing population and the state has downgraded the county to distressed. The hospital's paying patient problem is much larger than the hospital only being horribly mismanaged for over a decade and out of the hospital's control. Out of all the bidders Sentara is known for being a fairly ruthless by the numbers corporation, they would be the most concerned over the trend. Now what we should not overlook is the continued questionable board decisions. Who in their right mind let Vident out of all their contracts (published two weeks ago even physician staffing) with the hospital without a firm contract with Sentara? This is a huge contract deal with multiple locations and required investments / improvements that would obviously take longer than the planned four or five months to hash out. Then to expect Sentara to take over only days after the contract would be signed (January 1st). I wouldn't doubt additionally to the above regional problems, the hospital board's decision making process might be giving Sentara reason for pause.

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