Letter: House passes plenty of bills Senate blocks

By Marvin Pelon

The Daily Advance

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After suffering even more defeats in cases before the Supreme Court on his abuse of constitutional authority, President Obama seems to have doubled-down on the immigration fiasco by saying that he has to act on his own because Congress will not, and he blames House Republicans. He said the House just needs to “pass a bill” and he will sign it.

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Here, let me clarify that for

Here, let me clarify that for you: LLMSM Lying Liberal Mainstream Media

Four Branches of Government

Executive, Legislative, Judicial, Media

So, sparatus...

..."mainstream media" includes Fox, The Drudge Report, etc., right?

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12


mainstream media are only the ones you watch.

Nope.. they reported on it

Nope.. they reported on it and continue to. ABC, NBC(and all its offsprings), CBS, NYT, LA Times, et al - not so much. The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid (D-Nev.), prevents amendments and pursues an unhinged vendetta against the Koch brothers, private citizens engaged in lawful political activity. Reid often writes major legislation in his office, bypassing the hearings and markups through which senators outside the leadership get their say and where the political opposition can become more invested in bills as they move forward. And Reid employs a maneuver called “filling up the amendment tree” — which blocks amendments on the Senate floor outside his control — as the norm rather than the exception. None of these practices is unprecedented; they have just become commonplace. Harry Reid is the problem. Yet the mainstream media consistently blames the house majority Republicans for "doing nothing".

You're absolutely right

You're absolutely right Marvin. More than 100 bills passed by the house haven't seen the light of day in the senate. The corrupt media doesn't chastise Harry Reid for not allowing these bills to be voted on. Harry, of course, is a liberal democrat - not one to be criticized by the media. As I've said before - our corrupt mainstream media is one of the biggest threats to this country.

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