Letter: Ideas, not race, why right opposes Obama

By Mark Goddard

The Daily Advance

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After reading the advice from another liberal on “right-wing” resolutions, I thought I would respond to some of the writer’s comments while being as brief as possible.

Dear Reader,
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Excellent Letter

I agree with everything you said. Thanks for writing such a excellent letter.

Good Letter Mr Goddard

Presicely why there are so many who just do not understand the peril that our country is in..they would rather belive in a smokescreen than see the iceburg that is now looming before us. Good letter.

Very good comment

Mark, I think that you covered all aspects of our present administration, and did so very eloquently. You presented known facts and stated, I believe, the exact feelings of the conservative and moderate citizens of this nation. Race has nothing to do with our present plight. Incompetency and lack of accountability by our present leadership has EVERYTHING to do with it.

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