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Letter: If fracking fluid safe, why not tell us what it is?

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If fracking fluid safe, why not tell us what it is?

State lawmakers and the governor legalized hydraulic fracturing in North Carolina recently. It is unsettling to hear that it is a crime to disclose the substance that is in the fracking fluid. One can receive four months in jail for disclosing what is in it. Amazing, isn’t it?

Dear Reader,
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The current administration is

The current administration is probably the furthest left environmental friendly administration in history. The EPA just announced the administration's war on coal. They have put off approving the Keystone pipeline despite pressure from unions. If fracking were a huge risk, there's no doubt that the EPA would be stopping it. They're not - and those States that have allowed fracking are cleaning up. Hopefully, NC will be on board soon.

Dear paranoid Ann,

If you knew all of the chemicals that were used to process and/or added to the food and fluids you consume, you would more than likely refrain from drinking and eating and starve. Hmmm.........maybe revealing ingredients should be published for everything after all.

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