Letter: If you don’t like public prayer, go somewhere else

By Tommy Harrell

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Go City Council. Keep on praying. We are a nation under God and if you do not like it catch a flight to some place where people think as you do.

Dear Reader,
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What I expected from you

Just like the rest of you, you want the protection of the constitution but not for everybody. What ever happened to support and defend the constitution of the united states.

Move over, Bub!

We're all in this together. Installing a higher CFM fan in yer end-times bunker could raise the oxygen level, just a smidge. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

It adds so much

to the discussion when we bring in our personal experiences. Thanks 12! It just occurred to me why you close your posts with "Not Silent"... That air has to go somewhere when you "exhale"... Bless your heart...

Do you find it impossible to actually

converse in a civil way with people you disagree with or do you just feel better about yourself when you have insulted someone with your prejudicial assumptions? Attempt at humor at another's expense isn't a legacy to be proud of if that is your purpose either.

So, what do you...

think about HIS point of view? I've stated mine. His mockery, earned mockery. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

Call in a city chaplain

Problem solved

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