Letter: Indifference to divisive politics hurting EC

By Leigh Sanders

The Daily Advance

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Growing up in Elizabeth City was like being held hostage in a painter’s landscape. From the lone methodical red tractor to the peaceful watery edges, Elizabeth City could be a Zen retreat if it wasn’t for the ugliness of its politics. Like cancer cells the citizens divide into region, color, gender, religion, class, accent, hobbies and Chevy vs. Ford to create the illusion of uniqueness by exclusion.

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Sensitive and thoughtful

Sensitive and thoughtful comments in general. But the racial divide you describe is much larger than Elizabeth City; it's a problem on the whole lonesome planet.

The Queen's city is Charlotte.

Elizabeth City was named after a bar maid named Betsy, variation for Elizabeth.

Good point, kz001.

Wasn't Betsy a "working girl"?

I believe you are correct.

The comment calling ECity 'the Queen's city" was dropped. It seemed relatively inconsequential compared to other comments. At least I can't see it.


Leigh! So eloquent!

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