Letter: ISIS declares war on US with Foley’s beheading

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ISIS declares war on US with Foley’s beheading

I just finished viewing a video of the brutal, inhumane, barbaric beheading of news journalist James Foley. This hero was not a spy or combatant against ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. ISIS has now grown, through it’s occupation of Iraq and Syria, into an independent country with an organized government and military. By this ungodly act against an American citizen, they have demonstrated and verbally declared war on America! Where is President Truman when we need him?

We Americans will hunt down with all our strength and perseverance someone who has committed a brutal crime here in America in the name of justice and to prevent further occurrences. Where is that outrage today? There is no reasoning or compromising with these people, and they should be treated as you would with a rabid dog, hunted and killed! For those of you who do not wish to view this video for your own reasons, just know that this human being was beheaded not with a swift sword strike or an axe, but was sliced off with a short bladed knife requiring several strokes. I apologize for this vivid description, but someone has to communicate this story with more than just candy-coated words.




... and so...

you would sacrifice my children for this? Will you also sacrifice your own - before mine? Be careful of what you wish. Let me leave you with this thought from Mark Twain:

The War Prayer: https://warprayer.org/

and here also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVYIRbmxHpc

Respectfully, and with a sincere hope for peace in your heart,

Force 12

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