Letter: Keep Bible for church, focus on job creation

By Fred Romano

The Daily Advance

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For the past few months I have been reading the letters to the editor in The Daily Advance. Some were good and had information to think about; others needed to be placed in the trash bin.

Dear Reader,
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This will always hold true...

"It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible." George Washington

Really Fred?

How about taking a good long look at the last 20 years of democratic control of the state. They managed to make being on government handouts an occupation. They almost bankrupted the state and actually reduced teacher pay in the state, regardless of the teacher unions propaganda campaign. There are many companies moving jobs to NC just not to NE NC. Know why? Just look at how our local government is ran. They want to keep raising taxes for the working people while shoveling our money out the door for folks who refuse to work. Where was the democratic plan for job training so folks could earn a decent wage? This state did not get into this condition overnight and will not get fixed overnight. The present administration has a good plan and is acting on it. It would be easier if the democrats were not waging a campaign of obstruction to hinder progress. However folks cannot dispute facts and the data shows we are getting better in this state. Our governor would be foolish indeed to ignore the opportunity that having the ports of hampton roads so close means for economic growth. Religion is a funny thing, especially for christians. For christians we constantly have to be humble when we speak in public when everyone else can bash us in public with zero consequences. As for someone thinking liberal is a curse word please. Being a conservative in NE NC is like being from another country. From the Daily Advance to the Raleigh papers we are constantly being bashed. Like the president said elections have consequences so put your big boy pants on and help pull this state up to the prosperous place we all want it to be and quit spouting the party line.

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