Letter: Keep up the good work

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Keep up the good work

We were so happy to read Bud Wright’s column in The Daily Advance this week. He was missed.

I want to thank Bud for pointing out the flim flam farce of teacher “raises” that our Republican leaders are trying to use to get themselves re-elected. Shame on them! They think the people of this state are stupid.

Keep telling the truth, Bud! Thank you for your courage in speaking for so many of us.



The truth?

I suppose calling Chrstians "bigots" just because they disagree with a certain behavior is the "truth"? or the Tea Party wanting to turn this country into another Somilia is the "truth" or how about the GOP wanting to distroy all saftey nets?? Well well--Mr Wright may speak for the letter writer but not for many who value truth.


MR. GOODMAN - Are TDA rules/restrictions on TDA blog posts NOW the same for all your columnists who write opinion pieces for your paper? Thank-you. With respect, Bill Hiemer

Seems like a bunch of posts

Seems like a bunch of posts have disappeared. IRS?

I guess some hard drives were

accidentally erased. It's been a common problem lately in some circles.


1) MR. GOODMAN - Reference the post by SPARATUS below, I would suggest that every subscriber to your paper must be allowed to post comments about any printed piece, with the exception of their own submission. Look forward to your clarification of the facebook conversation. 2) MRS. HOLLY KOERBER-AUDETTE & MR. BUD WRIGHT - I understand the arguments for allowing pseudonyms on this blog. However, you both have the privilege of crafting opinion pieces that appear routinely in TDA. Under your own name. I suggest, based upon this unique status, that if you choose to post on this blog, you sign your real name, just as you do with your column. With respect, Bill Hiemer

Mr. Hiemer,

Just so you know. Mr. Goodman requested that my wife, Holly Koerber as a columnist 1. not post on her own column at all 2. not post on any other columnist piece 3. Not post any comments on anything in the paper unless she posts under her own name. Obviously she complies with the request of the paper which is why I went public and identified myself under this pen name-so there would be no rumor or confusion that she was posting. My wife assumed these were the rules for all columnists. She was told the rules, she complies. If you read her column, you will know it is not her nature to be personally ugly. She agonizes over writing a viewpoint using facts and open opinion. She has also asked me not to post comments on her column. I complied with her requests until her character was called in to question by the paper's incomplete information regarding her work outside of writing for the paper. I do not lose my right to express a view because of who I married. I am not 1/2 of a different person. The issue is for me, the frustration I feel learning Bud Wright claims he made no such agreement, nor was asked to and his claim that my wife's family & friends are being targeted for different rules for posting than other non-columnists.I am hopeful it is not true, the paper did not tell Mr. Wright it was true, and Mr. Wright is simply being untruthful. Michael


Michael - Mr. Bud Wright should be held to the same on line posting restrictions - which I believe are appropriate - as your wife. Am still waiting to hear from Mr. Goodman, who, I believe, has a responsibility to set the record straight. Based upon these postings, he, TDA & Mr. Wright are currently in an untenable position. I do read your wife's columns, and am a big fan, for many of the reasons you point out. And, I do enjoy reading Mr. Wright's columns, although I do not always agree with his opinions. That being said, I believe TDA must have the same rules/restrictions/requirements for all opinion columnists. Regards, Bill Hiemer

I agree.

I agree.

Willie Lieman likes to embellish the truth!

That's why the Possum is vicious!

Hey Dorsey!

Didn't know you had a stutter! One reply is quite enough. Three of the same just makes you look stupid. Oh well, I rest my case.

Willie Lieman likes to embellish the truth!

That's why the Possum is vicious!

Willie Lieman likes to embellish the truth!

That's why the Possum is vicious!

More like...........

He's the answer to a need that doesn't exist.

It appears to me Wright is one who wasn't

getting enough accolades so he devised an absence to get some attention.

You're exactly right kz001.

The published author has an extremely fragile ego and was jealous of that unpublished upstart Holly Koerber Audette.

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