Letter: Knowing your dark side can keep others from having to

By Jerry Gill

The Daily Advance

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All of the evil we witness in the world — from Auschwitz and Hiroshima to child abuse and the Boko Haram kidnappings, the nuclear missile silos and the disastrous Waco siege — is the work of the unacknowledged dark side of human nature.

Dear Reader,
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Pure conjecture

All of the drivel emitting from Gill & Farts 12 is nothing more than pure conjecture, base on their limited worldly knowledge and puffed egos. While claiming to be all knowing in scripture text, they both have missed the most important points given to us in the scripture. Paraphrasing the verses 1-Humble thyself before the Lord, 2-Seek the spirit of the Lord through sincere prayer. We are encouraged throughout the scriptures to "pray always". Failure to observe these two prerequisites make reading the scriptures about as fulfilling as a dime store novel and leaves one to make their own wrong interpretations of scriptural text. Without spiritual guidance, our own mortal minds are left exposed to the influence of the adversary, Satan. We also read: "Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord". Man cannot serve two masters.

Wow, you guys...

injected religion into this otherwise simple concept. Not me. You guys attacked, I just responded.

I also have never claimed any expertise in "scripture text," and while I can't say for sure, I don't think Mr. Gill has either. I generally don't try to wrestle in that arena, rather relying upon common sense and pointing out contradictions, of which there are many. On the other hand, I've mixed it up a few times with Twinstar - but he's a good fellow that seems to tolerate my limitations;) He's taught me a few things.

You remark upon our "limited worldly knowledge and puffed egos." Talk about assumptions and judgments. How old are you?

Finally, what does anything that you just said have to do with Mr. Gill's rather thoughtful letter?

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

Who are you to judge?

By what standard does Mr. Gill or Froce 12 determine evil or good? To what authority do you appeal? Is it self, society, culture, consensus, common sense? Perhaps the fluidity of your standards requires no absolute source...or so you think. I always find it interesting how those who wish for no godly standard to exist have no issue presupposing a standard to which they cannot associate an origin. The inconsistency of such a worldview is not only philosophically amazing but socially disturbing. No one can deny God's existence just as no one can deny the existence of words. www.180movie.com

Mr. Gray,

your assumptions of us are philosophically amazing and socially disturbing. I don't see any "judgment" in anything that Mr. Gill or I have said. I don't know Mr. Gill, but I'm willing to bet that you, me and Mr. Gill probably share the same understanding of good and evil. His was a very broad comment. On the other hand, you and the other two writers feel free to judge us. Ironic isn't it.

Your last sentence is nonsensical. Any human being can deny the existence of God and many do just that. Yes, I viewed your video.

< There are good people that don't believe in our God. Likewise there are bad people that do.

< There are people that believe in something other than God, or nothing at all, that are good and bad as well.

In fact, as Mr. Gill's letter makes clear, we each have both within us, good and bad. His point is that we should manage the bad. Maybe he will expand on this for us, especially if I'm off course in my understanding. I would appreciate it.

I understood the meaning of Mr. Gill's letter to be a pretty clear statement that you and I are responsible for our own behavior, in whatever light we choose to do so. You and I are probably informed by roughly the same christian upbringing and so we view the world through that lense. Others are raised differently and view the world through their own lense of understanding. Their "Godly standard" may be the Buddhist standard, or Sikh standard, or Muslim, or Jewish, Universalist, or empty void standard for many, many others.

You avoid and defeat evil by trying to lead a Christian life. Others avoid and defeat evil by following other beliefs, or simply by avoiding and defeating evil through common sense and decency; the societal norm.

One difference between you and I, is that I accept, and respect, the right of others to believe differently than I do. And I do this without pity or condescension, or superiority.

So, I ask, who are you to judge me? I think you're substituting your judgment for His. You can trip and take a nasty fall from such a height.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12


Force 12 - Contrary to your own words above, I find many of your postings to be dripping with condescension & superiority. Bill Hiemer

I'll keep trying.

I'm striving for biting wit, a touch of satire, and brilliant reparte. Guess I'll have to up my game.

I accept your disdain as a badge of honor.

Thank you for recognizing my magnificence.

Oh, wait! This what you are talking about, isn't it?

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12


But, please don't be so darn humble in future pontifications. Bill Hiemer

No danger...

of that, Mr. Hiemer.

Did you check out Mr. Gray's enormous effort below? World class! He could make the Olympics with a little more practice;))

Oh, and regarding Mr. Gill. I don't know him, or even if he is male or female. But I know for a FACT that "he" can really throw a bomb!

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

PS: Glad to finally meet someone with a sense of humor in here.

Who is judging whom?

Mr. Gray reminded of us who is on the throne – that God is soverign, period. Then you self appointed yourself judge - and accused him of the very thing you always do. Mr. Gray did not judge you - he merely asked the question - by what standards do you use - to what authority do you appeal? Then he makes a general appeal - in asking how those who wish for no godly standard... what is the origin? Please get over yourself... If you disagree with anything Mr. Gray said - your problem is with God, not Mr. Gray. Sin is sin is sin... you can call it your "dark side" or whatever the latest star wars movie wishes to call it... You are not an authority on morality - no more than I am - that is God's realm alone. And thank God that He is the author and finisher. In closing - I see where you've once again added "Not Silent" to your postings. Not to "judge" but you clearly lied when you said you do not close your postings with that phrase. Do you recall? Here is a hint - it was when you were chastising someone (common theme) and said they were talking out their rear end. Remember? A person is only as good as their word...

Mr. DoMo, I apologize.

Mr. Heimer pointed out that clicking on "Reply" to my postings makes this phrase appear below my signature. I've never replied to myself, so I've never seen it and it doesn't appear in the saved posting.

I've asked the newspaper to explain this because it's very troubling to consider that the system is posting words that I did not write.

In the meantime, perhaps we're both right, but my victory dance was premature at best, and rude at the worse.

I sincerely apologize.

Respectfully Submitted

(and sometimes should be silent;))

Force 12

DoMo, Day 12

Well, this is Day 12 of the Where's your apology countdown.

Waiting on pins and needles for a reply from an honest writer.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

DoMo, Day 6

Six days and no apology? I expected something more honorable from my jousting partner. This is your second attempt with this accusation and you didn't offer evidence or an apology the first time either.

I'm willing to apologize if you can produce the evidence. No problem here. I've been wrong before;)

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

Uh, DoMo? DoMo? You there?

Time to play Proof or Apology, my friend.

Please reply.

Respectfully and playfully Submitted,

Force 12

So, DoMo, where's my...


Guess I'll have to wait for this just like we're all still waiting for Mr. Gilbert to apologize to Melanie.

Looks like the ILK numbers are growing.

Oh, my word! I just realized that you said that Mr. Gray is God in your comment above. That could explain why he doesn't always use quotation marks in his writing.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

We must be looking at two different papers.

First, regarding judgment, please read the title of Mr. Gray's comment. Missed that, eh?

Next, regarding use of "Not Silent" and assuming that you are writing to me, Force 12, then I'm looking right at my entry and I do not see "Not Silent" anywhere in my posting. Or any of my postings. That line belongs to Mr. Clarke, I believe, who writes under Crossbow65 (I think) and signs with his own name.

If anyone else sees this in my entries, I'd love to know how it gets there and why I can't see it.

I've never used it myself, unless once, I responded to him and said something like, also not silent. It's a good line though.

Here's an example of Mr. Clarke's sign-off (pleasant exchange about movie "Noah"):

"Not really Force 12. The movie was quite a dissapointment-but then again this is liberal Hollywood we are dealing with. Nevertheless, I stand by what I wrote in my letter if people will read God's word for themselves and get faith then the movie was worth making. Respectfully submitted, Ray Clarke Sr--not silent."

Please find this in the archive and point me to it. I also don't recall telling anyone that they were talking through their rear end, although I'm warming to the thought.

It's possible that I'm mistaken and if I am, I'll happily apologize to Mr. Clarke for using his line.

Will you apologize to me when you don't find it?

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

Avoiding the question...and the real issue

Is judging others wrong Force 12? If so, by what standard are you appealing to in order to say judging others is wrong? If you are telling others judging is wrong, you are guilty of judging them as well. God has already declared judgment, those who are born-again by His Spirit are simply proclaiming what He has judged and the impending sentencing of that judgment. I wouldn't imagine you would throw a speeding ticket back in a state troopers face when he fined you for speeding with the condescending reply "Don't judge me". The trooper merely pointed out your failure to obey the law and the fine incurred as a result of your actions. Therefore the law condemned you for your actions, the trooper merely "proclaimed" your condemnation for violating the law. Likewise, God has appointed a day in which all will be judged finally and sentenced (Hebrews 9:27). In that day, no amount of philosophical bantering will deter what follows. God has given us His Law, the Ten Commandments, that we might know the standard against which we are judged. The Law reveals to us what the speed limit sign reveals to drivers. Knowing the law mentally though is not required since God had written it on our hearts (Romans 2:14-16) leaving all people without excuse. If you have lied, stolen, lusted (adultery of the heart Matthew 5:28), hated (murder of the heart Matthew 5:21-22), dishonored your parents, used God's name in vain, or violated any of the other commandments you too are guilty. The punishment for such a crime against God is eternity in Hell (Luke 12:5). That is what every person, including myself, deserves. But the Good News is that almost 2000 years ago God came to earth and took on human flesh as Jesus Christ. He lived a perfect and sinless life. Then 30-33 years into His life He voluntarily went to the cross and died. he suffered not just physical but spiritual punishment for the sins (Isaiah 53:5) of those whom God would save. His body was buried and He arose 3 days later, seen by over 500 witnesses and then ascended into Heave to be seated at the right hand of the Father, waiting to return in final judgment. And now He commands you this day to repent (Acts 17:30), that is turn away from your sins by pleading with God for forgiveness and placing your faith in Christ and His finished work on the cross. You have no standard to appeal to but God alone. Cry out to Him for salvation!


Step back and take a breath, dude! Guess that one's been building for a while.

THAT was a Bible-thumpin' to be proud of. My eyes are bleeding. That is some real fine bloviating pontification you got goin there mate, but do you have an original thought in there somewhere, that you can call your own?

Actually, yes, your judgment of me is wrong in this context because you assume to know my inner self.

Why do you even choose to toss this stuff around in this thread - please return to Mr. Gill's topic. It seems that you retreat into the Bible to avoid speaking what YOU think about the world and how it works. On the other hand, after reading the attacks on myelf and Mr. Gill for having original thoughts, I'm beginning to appreciate the herd instinct that's at work.


This is probably a good point to bring you back to Sartre, who's philosphy you are demonstrating so well.

Oh, and true bloviation is an artform that, like the "Five Ds of Dodgeball," really benefits from use of the html paragraph.


Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

accidental repeat

Accidental repeat. Many pardons, gentle readers. Force 12

Thank you Jerry...

For your thoughtful letter. It doesn't matter whether we view human behavior through a religious or a secular lense. What matters, as you've pointed out, is how we handle our own potential for harm.

Sartre's observations could explain the current state of the Republican party.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

What Mr. Gill is saying but probably won't admit is

that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We all need a Savior. I wonder if Mr. Gill has one. I also believe he has forgotten Ephesians 6:12. The world's problems go far beyond the nature of man.


Jerry Gill - Wow, do you smile at Christmastime? At least today you are not ranting and raving just about the US of A, but the entire world. "Hell is other people." What an outlook on life. You reap what you sow, Mr. Gill. Bill Hiemer

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