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Letter: Koerber-Audette insults those with differing views

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Koerber-Audette insults those with differing views

I am writing this letter as a rebuttal to the July 1 letter titled “Wright’s columns don’t show best of community.” I could unequivocally say that Holly Koerber-Audette’s columns likewise do no represent the thinking of many people in this community.

Dear Reader,
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and Mr Wright does not?

I cannot believe that the letter writer does not know the choice of language that Mr Wright has chosen to discribe the GOP, Christians and the Tea Party!! ---To date he has slimed Christians as "Bigots" just because they disagree with a "certain" lifestyle. He has called the GOP a bunch of "racists" just because they differ with Obama, and he suggested that the Tea Party wants to turn this country into another somalia!! My Heavens!

We miss Bob

Bob Steinberg' s columns are sorely missed.

Keep Writing Your Columns Bud Wright!

Keep writing your columns Bud Wright. I enjoy your columns. You are a prolific writer. I also think Holly Koerber Audette is also a good columnist. I differ from her politically but nevertheless, she is a good columnist.

I say get rid of Wright too.

I refuse to read his repulsive dribble. I can deal with people who think differently than I do, I can even like them. Wright is not included in that.

His obvious attempt at trying to wow the reader by his impressive speak is pitiful. Someone please give him some attention; he is desperate for it.

I say, get rid of Bud,

and I agree with Mr. Cartwright, continue with Koerber-Audette and Cal Thomas.

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