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Letter: Let Bud Wright write to his heart’s content

The Daily Advance

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Some recent letters to the editor have called for the discontinuation of Mr. Bud Wright’s Saturday column. It is argued that Mr. Wright’s thoughts and opinions do not represent local views and have a tendency to go off the deep end politically and ideologically.

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Well said, avnrulz - just as I don't put much stock into what Koerber says most of the time, it is still important to (at least on occasion) listen to what the other side has to say. Keep The Daily Advance as well-balanced a media source as possible - censorship should never be the answer. Simply ignore an article should its contents rile you. Respectfully, ectraveller

Let him write

If TDA want to spend the money, let them. I won't demand he be removed (censorship), I just don't read what he writes. I'm a big boy and can make up my own mind.

I agree

Let everyone see what is written--Mr Wright is a good writer. He communicates and puts his propaganda together in a very organized manner.

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