Letter: Liberal Bud Wright, 'There you go again’

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Liberal Bud Wright, ‘There you go again’

As Ronald Reagan famously said to the liberal media, “Well, there you go again.” This phrase can easily be said every Saturday morning when I read Bud Wright’s column. Just when I think he’s gone as low as he can, he becomes more unhinged.

Dear Reader,
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Just one question.

Why would anyone waste their time reading a Bud Wright column? I stopped long ago. To read it is to demean oneself and to comment on it just appeases him, as he thrives on the attention. If everyone would just ignore him, he would just quietly go away,.......much like a zit!

A thingamabob? From the

A thingamabob? From the National Institute of Health on fetal development. "The following list describes specific changes that occur in the womb: •Week 5 of pregnancy (gestational age) ◦The brain, spinal cord, and heart begin to develop. ◦The gastrointestinal tract begins to develop. •Weeks 6 - 7 of pregnancy (gestational age) ◦Arm and leg buds become visible. ◦The brain develops into five areas and some cranial nerves are visible. ◦The eyes and ear structures begin to form. ◦Tissue forms that develops into the vertebra and some other bones. ◦The heart continues to develop and now beats at a regular rhythm. ◦Rudimentary blood moves through the main vessels. •Week 8 of pregnancy (gestational age) ◦The arms and legs have grown longer, and foot and hand areas can be distinguished. ◦The hands and feet have fingers and toes (digits), but may still be webbed. ◦The brain continues to form. ◦The lungs begin to form. •Week 9 of pregnancy (gestational age) ◦Nipples and hair follicles form. ◦Elbows and toes are visible. ◦All essential organs have begun to form. •Week 10 of pregnancy (gestational age) ◦The eyelids are more developed. ◦External features of the ear begin to take their final shape. ◦Facial features continue to develop. ◦The intestines rotate. The end of the 10th week of pregnancy marks the end of the "embryonic period" and the beginning of the "fetal period." •Weeks 11 to 14 of pregnancy (gestational age) ◦Eyelids close and will not reopen until about the 28th week. ◦The face is well formed. ◦Limbs are long and thin. ◦Genitals appear well differentiated. ◦Red blood cells are produced in the liver. ◦The head makes up nearly half of the baby's size. ◦The baby can make a fist with its fingers. ◦Tooth buds appear for the baby teeth. •Weeks 15 to 18 of pregnancy (gestational age) ◦The skin is almost transparent. ◦Fine hair called lanugo develops on the head. ◦Meconium is made in the intestinal tract. ◦More muscle tissue and bones have developed, and the bones become harder. ◦The baby begins to make active movements. ◦The liver and pancreas produce fluid secretions. ◦Sucking motions are made with the mouth. •Weeks 19 to 21 of pregnancy (gestational age) ◦The baby can hear. ◦The baby makes more movements. ◦The mother may feel a fluttering in the lower abdomen. •Week 22 of pregnancy (gestational age) ◦Lanugo hair covers entire body. ◦Eyebrows and lashes appear. ◦Nails appear on the fingers and toes. ◦The baby is more active with increased muscle development. ◦The mother can feel the baby moving. ◦The fetal heartbeat can be heard with a stethoscope. " I stopped at week 22. At this point in development it is acceptable to some to discard the inconvenient thingamabob. What a shame. The thingamabob has no say in the matter.

I just re-read my post. The

I just re-read my post. The quote from the National Institute of Health --- they are calling the thingamabob a baby! Is that a Freudian slip? A baby? Who could or would, on a whim or as a matter of convenience, kill a baby?

See, Mr. Sparatus...

this is exactly why I said, "whatever-you-prefer-to-call" it. There is wide discussion of just when abortion should or should not be allowed relative to fetal development. I choose not to play this myself and instead focus on the right of the individual to make their own personal decision. A right that has had both good and bad consequences, but a right nonetheless. Remember that it's the American woman's point of view that's important here, not mine, or yours. I have kids myself and one of the protections that I want for them is the continued right to choose or decline medically safe abortion. They will choose for themselves, whether we allow safe abortion or not, because that is human history on this topic. So, I fight for them because medically safe abortion just might save one of their lives. Yes, I want that for them. On the other hand, our "christian" right apparently wants to kill them. This is a very strange point of view for people of the New Testament that teaches forgiveness and love and leaves judgment to God. So, right-wingers, please continue to try to impose your view on the rest of us and I will continue to fight for the individual American right to decide for ourselves. My own thingamabobs are actually pretty cute. And oh,yes, you better believe that I AM the Papa Bear when it comes to protecting them. I recommend Kiwi "Parade Gloss" for those jackboots. They will look positively FABULOUS in the parade. Do you think that Mr. S. will post some of his wand pictures on his Facebook? I just love baby pictures. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

When it comes to killing

When it comes to killing another person, it's not just a woman's right. Don't you think we should all (women and men) be concerned? Women's health? What about the baby's health? What if the woman decides a month after her baby is born that she can't handle it and kills the baby? How is that different from killing the baby a month before it is born? In either case, its the taking of a human life. Oh. Rightwingers? There are many liberals opposed to abortion too.

Mr. Sparatus, I decline...

to play the "personhood" game with you. And it IS just the woman's right to decide. It's pretty clear that we are all concerned, but in the end, the decision does belong to the woman alone. And she will make it whether we agree with it or not, and whether medically safe abortion is available or not. One of MY concerns is that the woman should be allowed to survive the decision. Medically safe abortion allows survival of the woman. Taking this away will kill or maim women. Your next question is meaningless rhetoric, but I get your point. It's apples to oranges. A woman that kills a delivered baby is a murderer if she's ruled competent. I'll leave it to others to decide the developmental time limits for abortion. My personal wish is to simply preserve the right for the individual to choose. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

Way To Go

Good Job Mark and you also DoMo. I don't know who this Force 12 person is but to call a living human being a "whatever-you-prefer-to-call-the-in-uternthingamabob" just made me sick. It has been proven that life starts at conception, so you can call it a thingamabob if you want to, but to me it is a life that God intended to have live. A creation created in his own image and to distroy it or demeans it, I think will bring damnation to that person.

Wow, Mr. Buchanan, you really missed...

the point. Time for a rhetoric lesson. Mr. DoMo parroted the Republican Christian right's abortion rhetoric by saying: "So Mr. Ailes “created” these? I suppose he created the appalling number I saw the other day - 55 million murdered children since Roe. Which party created that statistic? How does that make you feel? Which party uses killing babies as a rallying point? We are a sick nation." I decline to use the word "babies" or "children" myself in these discussions. I have my own idea about when life begins, as you do, but it's irrelevent to this issue, since it's not MY definition that counts. It's what the woman thinks that's important here. And THAT is the basis of my support for their right to choose. It's THE WOMAN'S understanding and decision that is important. The use of the phrases "murdered babies" and "killing children" is inflammatory rhetoric used by the christian right to further their goal of ending the right to choose. Because, if they can convince everyone that a single cell is the same as Jesus on a swingset then surely we'll agree. I chose to write "whatever-you-prefer-to-call-the-in-utero-thingamabob" to spot-light the inflammatory nature of their words while declining to play their game of "what's-that-growing-in-mommy's-tummy," myself. Mr. DoMo chose to repeat the phrases and I chose to counter. The republican christian right utters not a word, or very few, in support of the American woman that may be faced with these awful decisions. Baby, baby, baby. Child, child, child. And it's okay to let mommy die if she won't agree with their viewpoint. It's really a rather vicious point of view when you think about it. I used some pretty strong rhetoric myself, i.e., "murder the voter," to refocus the discussion on the one-half of our entire population (158,500,000)that will be stripped of their rights, specfically by the Republican party, if their viewpoint prevails. I refer to those republican christians that are determined to end this individual American right as "christian fascists" because they intend to impose their religious moral viewpoint on the entire country regardless of any other viewpoint. In a one-party state like North Carolina, where meaningful political opposition does not exist, and the party in charge simply imposes it's will on all of us just because they can, THIS IS FASCISM. Hence, "republican christian fascists." Republican jackboots, if you will. Jackboots are just fine if you're wearing them. Don't mind the rhetoric, please. Now, DoMo is a smart man and so are you, and Twinstar, and even Mr. republican-who-cannot-be-named-here-because-he-won't-do-the-right-thing-and-apologize-to-Melanie. And I'm always hopeful that our writers will use their own words without simply repeating the political soundbites that are generated by the parties and endlessly repeated and inflated by the media. All media, not just Fox. But I keep being disappointed. So, sometimes I choose to offer an opposing viewpoint because there are so few liberal voices here and those that do write are routinely bible-whipped and demeaned just for having a different opinion. Childish namecalling and sexist references seem to be a favorite. And yes, I too use rhetoric that must be at least equal in power to what is being used by those with whom I disagree. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

Actually, Mr. Goddard,

Mr. Reagan said this to Mr. Carter during their presidential debate. Nothing at all to do with media. On the other hand ... Benghazi - poof! IRS "scandel" poof! Fast & Furious - poof! NSA - the right actually loves this. Poof! All four are creations of Mr. Ailes' highly paid fools at Red Fox entertainment and the repugnican party. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

I know eight year olds who

I know eight year olds who can spell "scandal" and don't mangle the English language as badly as you do.

I think you meant to say

puff - not poof... It sounds from your post you’ve recently visited Colorado... I personally don’t “love” any of the events you’ve mentioned. Benghazi? Really? Our Ambassador and members of his “security” element were killed - not just killed - research what was actually done to the Ambassador before he died... Then the lies that flowed freely from this administration... That was made up? Never happened? Fabricated by a single man? All you mentioned are despicable acts... Do you think the coverage would have been different had a Republican president and his Secretary of State dropped the ball - then denied there ever was a ball - then retracted and said - no, it’s not a ball; it’s actually a sphere? Then we have Farce 12 yelling in the background “See!!! It is a sphere you repugnicans!" Then we had the state department tell us “We’ve determined that we do not need to make a determination” when asked about the president’s failed foreign policy approach in Egypt. Are you not listening to the garbage coming out of Washington? I read something that is so true… Liberals want you to think like they do – where as conservatives just want people to think. If people would follow a logical thought process and apply deductive reasoning (checking emotions at the door) – we’d have fewer liberals in the world… Sorry for setting the bar so high… So Mr. Ailes “created” these? I suppose he created the appalling number I saw the other day - 55 million murdered children since Roe. Which party created that statistic? How does that make you feel? Which party uses killing babies as a rallying point? We are a sick nation...

Mr. DoMo...

I've never commented on any of these terrible events because I've had the good sense to wait for the facts. The facts show that the republican version of events has been a continuous stream of lies in each of these cases. And yet Fox and the repugnicans just keep chanting their mantra, "Benghazi, IRS, Fast & Furious..." Mr Obama is a good man whose only crime is being Black, apparently, since there's nothing else to blame him for. And so our repugnicans keep stirring their bucket of tar and flinging it in all directions just praying that some might stick, to something, someone, somewhere, sometime. Regarding abortion, you should step back and actually look at who is doing what here. It's actually the republicans that use "killing babies" as THEIR rallying point, not Democrats. Dems are quite happy with their right to choose. Republicans are not. So who is making it an issue? Democrats tend to favor abortion rights, as do many Republicans, but it's the Republicans that grind the nation to a halt over the issue. An issue that rightfully and undeniably belongs to the individual American woman. So how 'bout if we let THEM decide the issue for themselves. They will anyway, whether the nation allows a safe medical procedure or not. SO why not agree to let them live RATHER than murdering them along with the whatever-you-prefer-to-call-the-in-utero-thingamabob that furthers your christian fascist political viewpoint? Current Republican zero abortion policy condemns American women to death along with the in utero thingy. Now there's a rallying cry if I ever heard one, "Let's Kill the WOMEN!!!" Nice. A twofer. Eliminating safe abortion kills two for the price of one. Or maybe it's a three-fer since it also kills the vote that might disagree with you later. Oh, my gosh, it seems that I've just uncovered the ultimate repugnican cynicism - murder the voter! Oh, you might mention to Mr. Stephans that he may now remove his repugnican wand. The courts have agreed that state-mandated object rape is unConstitutional. I would remind you that THIS has been a repugnican shouting point which supports the CORRECT view that it's the republicans that have made this an issue, not the dems. Poof! Scandul disproved. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12


You're still batting zero percent... Your race reference about our president is the only place left for you to go - I understand that... We all know the president lied to the American people - repeatedly. It was a month before an election - and personal political ambitions trumped the truth. It was the anniversary of 9/11. The AFRICOM Commander who was notified within minutes of the attack by boots on the ground passed it up to the joint chiefs within minutes - who in turn briefed the Secretary of Defense - and then Obama that it was a coordinated terrorist attack. These were clearly not upset movie watchers throwing popcorn as the administration claimed. These were professional terrorists - with heavy weapons. Are you really that stupid, or just naive? AS for abortion... wow - just wow... 99% of abortions are nothing more than after the fact birth control - an immoral act to counter immoral behavior. In the 1% of cases where it's a life threatening issue - that's between a doctor, mother and father of the child. Most mothers I know would be willing to die for their children... I know I'd take a bullet for mine. Nice straw man fallacy attempt though. You always run out to left field - jump the fence - leave the stadium - and shout your rhetoric... We all know your pro-murder stance - along with that of your party... What amazes me is that only the woman's right to murder is a factor in these decisions. With Obamacare cancelling health insurance policies left and right - and FORCING single men to pick up policies that cover OB/GYN - ultimately paying for murder - shouldn't the father of the child have some say before the murder? You said in another forum that you were a Christian. Since the Holy Bible says that God knows us before we were formed in the womb (Jeremiah 1:5), how can you endorse killing a human being known by God - regardless of age? I'm not questioning your faith, just your double minded stance. James 1:8 comes to mind...


perhaps the most even handed report on Benghazi was the fine journalism of Mr. David Kirkpatrick of the New York Times, dated 12/28/13: http://www.nytimes.com/projects/2013/benghazi/#/?chapt=0. I'll let him speak for me on this topic. I've been an investigator in the past and understand a bit about the process. He did very good work. The truth, as it often is, isn't as black and white as Mr. Ailes' entertainers have convinced you it is. You'll have to take off your Fox goggles to understand the report. Mr. Kirkpatrick writes in English. I decline to impose my moral judgment upon women that choose abortion, or don't choose abortion. I cannot put myself in their place and neither can you. In fact, it would be nice if all of the men involved in this discussion would take a step back and let the American woman be heard and respected for their uniquely female point of view. Mr. republican-that-cannot-be-named should be the first to step back...and apologize to Melanie, who is known to be an actual woman that he disrespected on this topic. You say that 55 million babies have been murdered. I say that 55 million women's lives have been saved. The Republican position of zero legal and medically safe abortions will cause the death and maiming of untold numbers of American women if we take away their right to a safe medical procedure and replace it with ... nothing. The Democrat pro-choice position saves them all. Republicans should like this since it gives the preachers a chance to work on saving their souls. How's that for job creation? "Pro-murder stance?" "Woman's right to murder?" Nice. Let's switch that around to what the republican christian right, and YOU, are advocating - the Republican christians's desire to murder "sinful" women. Your rhetoric reflected, my friend. And isn't this just so, so very 1690s Puritan Massachusetts. My faith is my own. Your's belongs to you. Every other person has their own as well, and some, none at all. When you say that you aren't questioning my faith, then you clearly are. What your position fails to accept is the individual American right to have our own individual belief without interference by or from any other belief. The republican christian right is in continous attack mode on this subject and a continuous fight to intrude where it is not wanted. In North Carolina the courts provide the only recourse for dissenters from this right wing viewpoint since there is no effective political opposition. It is incumbent upon the christian majority itself to make room for other points of view. This is the duty of citizenship in this country that I am fighting for. You're right to point to my "double-minded stance," but not in the way that you mean. I've tried to be clear about this, but let me address it using words that you can understand. Abortion, bad. Life, good. For me. Abortion, possible. Life, good. For others to decide for themselves. I allow everyone the right that they already have to make their own choice. You do not and are willing to write laws to take away their rights and impose your moral viewpoint. This is the the very clear difference between liberalism and fascism. I recommend mink oil for those jackboots. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

The latest

reports from the House and Senate intelligence committees blasted so many wholes in this so called "report" you linked us to - it's not worth the paper or pixels... If you're letting that article speak for you, you're an admitted liar. It was Al Qaeda behind the attack - do your homework, cut the puppet strings, remove the hand from whatever orifice that's controlling your mouth. This "reporter" is trying to get a job with this administration apparently - since that's all they're hiring these days - no subject matter experts to be found... The rest of your comments are rubbish... We're spending billions on Mars rovers - as I've stated before. If so much as a mold spore was found, we'd hear this administration and your Dumb-ol-crat party tooting their horn that "life" was found on Mars... You and your ilk can't even be honest with yourselves and apply the same definition to a human being in the womb. Completely pathetic - insults the intelligence of the least of these. Abortion is genocide - not choice... I pray you feel convicted... some how... some way... Hopefully a seed has been planted... Moving on...

Orifice. That reminds me...

Did you remember to let Mr. S. know that he can remove his wand yet? I guess I struck a nerve. You went to Mars, of all places. I've heard that Reynolds makes a nice hat that can prevent this. You've got a little spittle, right there in the corner of your mouth. Sprayed me just a little too. Your next reading assignment is the RNC's 2012 post mortem report. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

No nerve struck here... just sadness really...

affirmation of how sick our country is - and a renewed sense of urgency to pray... You've shown your true colors by your lack of value for human life. You try to vilify those that disagree by calling them mother killers or some other non-sense - knowing full well that true Christians believe ALL life is precious... Same old straw man tactics - going to every extreme to re-frame the argument by lying about the character of your adversary. It's the Democrat way - where trying to trigger emotional responses over logic and reason is your only weapon. Right and wrong are not subjective as you believe; truth is not some variable in this equation... The only argument you have in the face of absolutes is to claim that there are none. That is your entire premise in a nut shell. You can't logically take this to any other conclusion...

Hmm, let's see some "true christians."

Eric Rudolph, James Kopp, Paul Jennings Hill, Scott Roeder, Michael F. Griffin, and Peter James Knight, bombed, murdered or attempted murders of physicians and clinic staff at various reproductive health clinics. Pretty good christians, I'd say. Curiously they also claimed to "cherish life." The "christian" right vows to end legal abortion knowing full well that women will still have abortions. This simply restores the 1950s pre-Roe status quo that highlighted the services of the back-alley abortionists. Eliminating legal abortion will just drive it underground. This is already happening in states where "true christians" have reduced availability to almost a single clinic, such as Texas and Mississippi, and coming soon, NC. Now, why will it go underground? Because many women cannot afford to travel to a place where it's legal and safe. It's well documented that women in lower socio-economic groups tend to elect abortion at higher rates than those in higher socio-economic groups, so ending legal abortion puts this group at higher risk for death and maiming by those back-alley boys. Once again our concerned republicans have found a way to pound the poor some more. I'm sure that our concerned christians will cherish the rising numbers of killed and maimed women that they will be responsible for, although they will never, ever acknowledge the toll. This is reality, not an extreme view. Do you see any lies here? We could also slip into a death penalty discussion since the red death penalty states are loudly and actively proclaiming their intentions to speed up legal murder of prisoners. Curiously these tend to be staunchly majority christian states. Ms. Koerber is okay with this and she claims to be christian I believe. Do you see any contradiction with your statement that "true christians believe that ALL life is precious? But I digress. I've tried arguing from the simple standpoint of logic, but soft spoken reason fails when my opponent won't even acknowledge my viewpoint and just yells that I'm a baby killer, murderer, non-believer, damned to hell, and so on, and so on. So, yes, I've adopted the tactic of the right to expose the other side of their argument. What's really sick is the smirking self-righteous hypocrisy of some "true christians" that really do believe that a woman killed by their policy has gotten what she deserves. It's GOD'S JUDGMENT FOR THEIR SIN! Your policy kills women. That's the truth. That's an absolute. Nothing absoluter! Please stop. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12


You clearly made my point again... Yet another profound and insightful straw man argument from none other than the benevolent Farce... All the nut jobs you mentioned are clearly that - and you can try all day long to paint Christians in that light - but you know its a lie. ALL HUMAN LIFE IS SACRED! We’re all created in GOD”S IMAGE. No one in this forum - and certainly not I proposed anything you’ve said. But hey, it’s all you got... Another Democrat ploy - if you can’t win - spread fear! Your policy kills children and wrecks women’s lives! Below is a very small list... Yeah - killing babies is the answer... shame on you for condemning women to a life of knowing they killed their own baby... There is an alternative - and it’s not your extreme gibberish... It’s love, counseling, support and adoption if needed. As i said earlier, if there is a valid health issue - that’s between the family and their doctor. You didn’t hear that part did you - doesn’t mesh with you outrageous claims... And no - I don’t condone the death penalty... 1. Approximately 60 percent of women who experience post-abortion sequelae report suicidal ideation, with 28 percent actually attempting suicide, of which half attempted suicide two or more times. 2. Abortion is linked with increased depression, violent behavior, alcohol and drug abuse, replacement pregnancies, and reduced maternal bonding with children born subsequently. 3. 14% of American women have all the symptoms of PTSD and attribute them to their abortions, with as many as 65% reporting some, but not all symptoms of PTSD. 4. Post-abortion stress is linked with increased cigarette smoking. Women who abort are twice as likely to become heavy smokers and suffer the corresponding health risks. 5. Post-abortion women are also more likely to continue smoking during subsequent wanted pregnancies with increased risk of neonatal death or congenital anomalies. 6. For most couples, an abortion causes unforeseen problems in their relationship. Post-abortion couples are more likely to divorce or separate. Many post-abortion women develop a greater difficulty forming lasting bonds with a male partner. This may be due to abortion related reactions such as lowered self-esteem, greater distrust of males, sexual dysfunction, substance abuse, and increased levels of depression, anxiety, and volatile anger. Women who have more than one abortion (representing about 45% of all abortions) are more likely to require public assistance, in part because they are also more likely to become single parents. 7. Researchers in Finland have identified a strong statistical association between abortion and suicide in a records based study. They found that the mean annual suicide rate for all women was 11.3 per 100,000 but the rate for women following abortion was 34.7 per 100,000, three times higher. The suicide rate associated with birth, by contrast, was half the rate of all women and less than one-sixth the rate of suicide among women who had abortions.

My dear Vizzini (DoMo), I've ...

placed the Iocane powder in both drinks. The difference is that I've been taking the antidote called American individual rights for a long time, while you have been drinking copious amounts of the right wing coolaide. "In-con-ceivable!" I apologize for my long absence. Weekend out of town followed by newspaper system problems, followed by snow days, etc. But you are not forgotten. Regarding Benghazi, I have to remind you that I DID tell you to remove the Fox goggles BEFORE you read the New York Times article. Your reaction was pricelessly repugnican! Deny,deny, and deny and call the author and ME liars. Typical reaction when viewing the truth through Fox goggles! I did warn you though. That sudden truth-torque can throw you right out of the recliner! Next, regarding the "christian" crazies that I mentioned that so clearly "cherished all life" right along with you, I would just like to add that people of that particular "christian" "ilk" are the real and very scary Dogs of the repugnican War on Women. People die in war, right. Here's your REAL war on women. The kind that your sactified position unleashes on women at one of the most intensely personal moments in their lives. All glory to murderers, bombers, Westboro Baptist and the Tea Party that loves 'em all, albeit secretly. They got what they DESERVED. They all deserve each other since one nourishes and feeds the other like a small and terrible demon just waiting to burst free. Which, you must admit, it does from time to time. I've already named six of those demons, but his name is legion and he hovers just outside the doors of women's reproductive health clinics across the country, clothed as a lamb with a picket sign. Which one will be next? Now, as for the above, it's so sad that you've had to fall back on - statistics. As Mark Twain said, quoting Benjamin Disraeli, "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics!" I choose not to argue statistics, as I choose not to argue "personhood" or even right from wrong, because these are subjective viewpoints that live briefly upon the interpretation of the one presenting these "facts." And THAT person is usually NOT A WOMAN. Are you a woman? I HAVE made an assumption here. I've read all kinds of statistics on abortion, some good, some bad. There are your kind of statistics that exclude every other kind of statistics because it supports your argument to present only one side. There are other statistics, for instance, that show that when safe abortion is available the nation has fewer children giving birth to children; that more women graduate college; that more women avoid abject poverty; that more women avoid crime; that more women avoid drug abuse, that more women aren't "takers,"; that more women succeed in business; that more women actually survive the abortion; that more children will get to keep their mommies; that the NATIONAL CRIME RATE DROPS 30% over the time since Roe; that women...well... you get my drift. And yes, there are those other sad statistics that you mention that can be parsed and twisted endlessly to support either side of the argument. Here's an example - In number 1 above you apparently pasted this rather neat phrase - "...experienced post-abortion sequelea..." You've presented this to mean that abortion caused this, when in fact, "sequelea" refers to a series of outcomes that include PRE-abortion conditions, primarily depression that may be worsened, or perhaps not, by the experience of abortion. "Sequelea" means a condition that is the consequence of a previous disease or injury. Depression is an illness and all of the outcomes of all of your numbers are also outcomes of depression. All seven fall into "post-abortion sequelae," that are strongly linked to the psychological state of the woman BEFORE-abortion, NOT caused by abortion alone. There are also statistics that show clearly that where there are no pre-existing physical or psychological negatives, then essentially none of your outcomes occur after abortion. See my point? Oh, My daughter just wanted me to add that "98% of statistics are BS." Smart woman! Woman. Bears repeating. Alas, I said that I would not argue statistics and I won't, but the point has to be made not to accept numbers on their face value. Your's are a sales pitch. So, let's agree not to, okay? So, I won't argue statistics, and I won't argue personhood, and I won't even argue right from wrong. So what's left? Oh, yes. The individual RIGHT of the American Woman to Make HER OWN CHOICE. Sorry about raising my voice there a bit at the end. I felt it needed just a bit of emphasis to keep you on track. No need to visit Mars again. My sole and simple point in all of this is that only the American woman can make this decision. Not me, and not you. The only decision the rest of us have to make is whether abortion will remain safe and available when the American woman has to make a decision. And remember also that they will decide one way or the other, whether we agree or not, and whether or not safe abortion is available. Plus the fact that it's legal NOW, so your argument is to take away the RIGHT THAT THEY ALREADY HAVE. Do those jackboots pinch just a bit when I say this? Obenauf's Heavy-Duty Leather Preservative can help with this, but just the lowers, not the uppers. Available through Cabelas. No endorsement implied. I do agree that it would be better if every pregnant woman chose life, but that just is not reality. That is an ideal that will never be realized. You can only make it worse for the individual woman, and for the country, by denying this right. So, please, accept reality and give THEM a safe choice. And in the meantime, continue to offer other opportunities and support to help them WITHOUT SHOVING IT DOWN THEIR THROATS or anywhere else in their bodies, i.e, Mr. S's wand. Oh, I'm still waiting for those thingamabob pictures! Heck, even "KSM" Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, planner of 9/11 that our "christian" nation waterboarded 180 times, agrees that violence and coercian cannot successfully convert a non-believer. Can "True Christians" do better using the gentle love of Jesus instead of the constant waterboard of shouted condemnation? Finally, ask yourself where the next 55 million abortions will happen when you make it illegal. And just how are you going to report statistics for those? Oh, right. The old fashioned way. Obituaries. Nice. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

Liberals in 2016

and probably 2014 Poof!

Thank You

Thank you, Force 12. Wish I knew how to contact you!

No problem!

Call Bud...

Trimman77, I have ...

... never met Mr. Wright. Seems like a very thoughtful writer though. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

As for Bud Wrong - the truth is not in him...

I haven't seen any civil disobedience from the Tea Party crowd. They've been demonized for wanting our government to actually operate withing the frames of the constitution... How dare they!!! Sure there have been a few "questionable" people at the Tea Party events I've seen covered. If you get enough people together the extreme element will always show up - that's true for both parties. It's amazing how the mainstream media zeros in on that 0.01% - trying to paint the whole Tea Party movement in that light. The Democrat strategy: If you can't beat them or their message, lie about them... If only we had a press that wasn't complicit... this publication included for even printing the twisted up hate spew from Bud Wrong...

Good job mark.

Good job mark.

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