Letter: Low staffing affects vets’ VA appointments

By Ernest Askew

The Daily Advance

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We have a problem in this area, too, with veterans’ health care. The disabled and mentally ill veterans that are in long-term care facilities in our area are missing their scheduled appointments due to minimum staffing levels.

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The VA is 80 percent union

The VA is 80 percent union (AFGE). They have 235 employees that are medical personnel (Doctors, Physicians Assistants, Nurses) that do no patient care. Their day is spent on Union business only - nothing to do with medical care. They have 800 attorneys on staff. The VA is a mega bureaucracy that is incapable of looking out for our veterans.


Our veterans have given too much for us not to give them more. They deserve better, they deserve our best. It's a shame they are not getting it.

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