Letter: Lower electric rates could help at Christmas

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Lower electric rates could help at Christmas

I would like to commend the former bookkeeper at Whalehead in Historic Corolla for standing up and reporting the accounting practices she claims were being used. That takes courage!

Secondly, The Daily Advance published a photo and caption in its July 31st edition stating that the city of Kinston will see a 20-percent decrease in utility bills after the agreement was reached between the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency and Duke Energy Progress. I hope Elizabeth City will receive the same reduction in rates as the cities of Kinston and Greenville. Lower rates definitely will be a plus for our school systems. I can’t imagine what their electric bills are and a reduction will only help our teachers in tough times.

Hopefully, we will get the reduction before the holidays and then everyone could have a Merry Christmas or a happy holiday, or whatever you choose to call it or believe in. As for me, I hope I can afford a turkey on the table this holiday!

ERNEST ASKEWSFlbElizabeth City