Letter: Maybe Dixon could give Koerber his seat

By Calvin Lacy

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Like so many non-Pasquotank County residents I have a keen interest in what goes on over here simply because it’s the metropolitan center of commercial activity for the region. Near as I can figure I exchange about 90 percent of my disposable income per month in and around the Elizabeth City area for most of my daily needs so it’s in my best interest to stay in tune with city and county policies. But I do not believe, as some people do, that I have any special rights to be on the board of county commissioners simply to address non-resident special interests.

Dear Reader,
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I can tell you one thing if she would run there would be no better advocate for the area nor would anyone work as hard as she would. There would be more openness and less backroom dealing. She is open and honest. The old guard has a problem because she is everything they fear, a strong educated self assured WOMAN. I count her as my friend and stand beside her and would work for her success if she would run. This area needs folks like her to step up. She however does not seek the spotlight, it is her choice to aspire to a political career. If she ever gets the itch look out fellas! pete gilbert

Her choice

If Ms Koerber does run for office -I do believe -it will be her choice. I concur that in her current capacity that she is doing extreamly well. If she runs for office--great ! In my opinion---we will see.

Mr. Lacy usually right on but

he missed the point in this letter as Fairness in Media correctly suggests. However, "Fairness" was completely out of line in his/her last sentence. As a liberal he/she tried to play nice, but in the end, as is almost always the case, succumbed to most liberal's natural instincts to insult and denigrate. That will forever be their Achilles Heel.

I don't know if Mr. Lacy

is just trying to push Ms. Koerber into running because he believes her philosophies are correct or if he is really at odds with her. I guess my comprehension is not so good. What I do know is that some work better on the sidelines. I also know those sidelines have to be worked. In the case of city politics I believe Ms. Koerber is fulfilling a calling she has, and I might add she is doing it very well. It would be nice if she could sit on council but remember the seats are driven by wards and I don't believe there is any reason to unseat the two members she would be competing against. Let's just thank her for spreading what good she feels is her duty.

Mr. Lacy

The course is "Reading Comprehension". You must have failed that course.

Mr.Lacy, Here are the last two paragraphs

of the column you criticize. "The truth is, there is little justification for giving political advantage, even when it is cloaked with the word, “opportunity,” to any group of voters based on what they look like. For example, it is insulting to suggest that as a female, I cannot be fairly represented by a man as if policy issues about governing are viewed the same by everyone who is of one skin color, or one gender, etc. Unless someone can demonstrate that a group of voters is denied equal access to voting, choosing candidates or running for office, then no special consideration should be granted in the political process. I am not entitled to have a person in elected office that looks like me. I am entitled to vote for a candidate of my choice based on equal access to the process. If I choose a candidate because they look like me, rather than their views of governing, shame on me. I should hardly expect the rest of society to endorse such narrow-minded and uninformed thinking". I think you owe Ms. Koerber an apology for mischaracterizing all that she wrote. By the way, you write frequently. Have you run for public office?

Mr. Lacy, did you even actually read Ms. Koerber's

column? She doesn't think women should get to serve simply because they are women. Just like blacks should not get to serve because they are blacks. She makes the point that IF you buy in to the argument minorities should get more seats by gerrymandering, you would have to do the same for women, and others too. BUT she doesn't think anyone should get that preference either for race or gender. Perhaps you need to read more carefully before you make a fool out of yourself again.

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