Letter: McCrory lies about abortion, early voting

By Melanie James

The Daily Advance

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I am mystified as to why so many people are incapable of recognizing that Gov. Pat McCrory is a blatant liar.

Dear Reader,
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Here is a question that has to be answered

Did the removal of the notorious baby butchers Gosnell and Tiller from the medical profession restrict the availability of abortions to women? If you say yes then McCrory lied. If you say no then he didn't.


The removal of the "notorious baby butchers" from the medical profession did restrict availability of abortions to women. Because Repugnican states, like North Carolina, used these isolated and extreme examples to justify the trap laws that have shuttered so many women's health clinics. Thank you for agreeing that Governor McDuke lied. Refreshing. Respectfully Submitted. Force 12

I'm afraid there are

far more Gosnells and Tillers out there than you might care to admit. Most people who are pro abortion have never had the privilege of seeing one. If they ever do, they never want to see one again.

Yes, but, as with...

all medical services, we have to wait for the bad ones to do serious harm before they are sued by a patient or charged with a crime. There are a few bad docs in every corner of the profession, not just reproductive health. However, we don't shut down entire hospitals, or heart clinics, or kidney centers just because one doc hurt a patient. We cure THAT problem symptomatically, by removing the bad doc, and the clinic or hospital continues to provide their services with no help from the government. It's only in reproductive health, where the republicans insist on inserting themselves, that entire clinics, and group providers are shut down based on the failures of two people. I'd like to add that that's two, only two, in the entire history of legal abortion. That's actually a pretty good record when compared to the rest of the profession. This harms all of the remaining patients that have no where to go, simply to satisfy the political viewpoint that generates the best fund raising. This is a uniquely cynical and harmful process. The truth is that the medical procedure of abortion is statistically 100% safe for women, and has been since it was legalized. And, yet, Republicans paint their arguments as "enhancements" of women's health. No one believes it, least of all Republicans themselves, but they say it anyway. Talk about moral dishonesty. But, I suppose it's okay to lie to get what you want. Another truth is that it's more dangerous to be a service provider than to receive the service. Ah well, I could vote republican again myself if republicans would just stick to running the country and stop telling me I'm a murderer and headed for hell, running my bedroom, and get out of my wife's vagina. I can't wait for the next walk with my friends. I took one of my daughters along last time. We had a good time hearing truth spoken to power, and then we had a feast of warm Krispy Kremes over at the shop on Person St. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

How about..

If you like your current coverage you can keep it--or this one-- we must pass the bill to see what is in it.

Everyone. Please re-read

Everyone. Please re-read Melanie's letter (special request of Force 12 ) Then answer the question "Did President Obama lie to the American people in order to get the Affordable Care Act passed?"

The issue with me was

Not whether MCcrory lied or not. It was how anyone would jump all over the governor and give the president a free pass.



This coming from someone who

voted for our president - and would likely support Clinton in 16 (cringing as I type)... If you're going to demand accountability and honesty from our politicians - at least apply it across the board - not just to those with an (R) at the end of their name. A double minded person is unstable in all of their ways... If honesty is your your basis for support - Ron Paul means what he says - and says what he means... You may want to consider. Would you rather have an honest leader you disagree with on certain issues - or a liar who "claims" to share your point of view? I've found with most Democrats I've encountered - they choose policy over ethics... How else could President Clinton be so popular amoung your ilk? It surely isn't because of his personal war on women...

DoMo, please

read Melanie's letter again. Do you agree or disagree that Governor McDuke has lied to us? Simple. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12


North Carolina is leading the country in the area of economic recovery, current administration to blame. Throw out the bums, no one needs more money to spend. Maybe a liberal can come and save us, I hope not. Please move to Washington or Detroit if that is the life you want but please stop trying to bring that type of liberalism here. And please remove all restrictions to abortion once you are there. Maybe the Rev. Barbar and you can go save them first. And quit whining about voting in NC, we have one of the easiest opportunities to vote in the country. Do your homework.

WOW, please

read Melanie's letter again. Do you agree or disagree that Governor McDuke has lied to us? Simple. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

I answered her post with a question...

Did that throw you? My comments were not to argue her points - I heaven’t done my homework... yet. But what is blatantly clear is the double standards she applies. Just look at her choice of words... lie vs. dissemble... Though synonymous - it carries a much lesser tone that the word lie. She can’t even call a lie a lie as it relates to her president... but her governor is deserving of the death penalty... please... I see your rear end - air induction device you suggested to another reader a month ago is functioning again... congrats... I think... It was interesting how you removed “not silent” from your signature in that post...

Yeah, ya know, ...

I'm curious about that too since I never inserted "not silent" in the first place. I think that I did see it on another writer's submission once though. I know we all probably read through some of these things pretty quickly and it's easy to mix up who wrote what with this comment system. I let your comment pass before because I've never used that line that I know of. I may adopt it though. Do you mind? I'll understand if you want it yourself. It is pretty good. NEW: Oh - it looks like Mr. Clarke signs with "Not Silent." Check his sign-off far below. So, I guess it's already taken. Regarding your comment on the distinction between "lie" and "dissemble," I think it's irrelevent because Melanie said clearly that her letter was about Governor McCrory, and not President Obama. Her intention was to keep you righties from avoiding her point about Governor McCrory by flying off the tracks into the Fox alternative universe. And then you ran off the tracks anyway. I did try to bring you back though. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

A disgrace to North Carolina

McCrory is probably the worst current governor next to Arizona's Jan Brewer!

I love the word propbably...

I'm sure the basis for your argument "probably" makes sense to you. Nobody likes tough love... especially Democrat voters... me me me me me me... and me me me me... me monsters, all... Ask not what I can do for my country - as what my country can do for me! And don't forget your personal ID when you go protest... but make sure you leave it at home when you go to vote... Why? That’s disenfranchisement!!! Do you honestly listen to yourselves?

all this administration

trying to do is fix the liberal Democratic mess they put our state and country in. And, I am ashamed to call myself a Democrat. I cringe at the sound of the word. I will vote for anyone other than a incumbent Liberal, lying, greedy, vote buying Democrat in the midterm. Maybe, just maybe, if enough of us are fed up, and I think there are, we can get our state and country back.

justwandering, please

read Melanie's letter again. Do you agree or disagree that Governor McDuke has lied to us? Simple. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

If President Obama had not

If President Obama had not "dissembled" about the Affordable Care Act, it would not have been passed. His assurances about being able to "keep your plan" and "keep your doctor" were instrumental in getting the bill passed. If he had not lied, there would be no Affordable Care Act today.

Sparatus, please

read Melanie's letter again. Do you agree or disagree that Governor McDuke has lied to us? Simple. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

Oh, and who is Governor

Oh, and who is Governor McDuke?

I will re-read her letter

I will re-read her letter after you comment on my post. Do you agree that Obama's lies are the only reason that the ACA was passed by the Senate?

Okay, sparatus...

here's my answer. The only answer that's possible to the eruption of Fox poo that you guys are spewing here to avoid answering Melanie's point about Governor McDuke: Do you agree that two wrongs make a right? Or, again, from the pulpit, that the sins of one justify the sins of another? Because that is what you guys are saying - It's okay for McDuke to lie to get what the repubs want because you think that Obama lied to get what the Dems want. Having read your comments, Twinstar's, Mr. Clarke's, Justwandering, and the others of your ILK, apparently it's okay in the Repugnican Republic of North Churchistan. It's a really undignified sneering that seems to permeate your entire party. And it's okay for the moment - just keep doing your end zone dance, but remember that there will be a next play. Although it's gonna take awhile to climb out of the ooze that's been heaped on us by your ILK, considering gerrymandering, vote discrimination, civil rights violations, etc. I took a walk with some friends in Raleigh a few weekends ago. We disagree with you and your ILK. Okay, I've responded to your question with a question. So will you finally address Melanie's points regarding Governor McCrory's honesty on the points that she raised? Or will you continue to distract and misdirect to avoid admitting the obvious? Sigh. I'm not quite sure where Twinstar was going, but I sure hope he wasn't driving. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

sparatus, uh...

that's the "when did you stop hitting your wife with the hammer" trap question. Stick to Melanie's question, please. I won't join you on your tour of fox faux universe. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

Tell us all

Why you believe the president, Harry Reid, and Eric Holder are telling the truth and you'll have your answer.

Well put Twinstar

It amazes me how the press such a free pass to Democrats and whenever a Republican sneeses its a new "scandal"

Twinstar, please

read Melanie's letter again. Do you agree or disagree that Governor McDuke has lied to us? Simple. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

Force 12

I agree that ALL politicians have mud on their heads by their own doing. What is so plain to see is the free pass that so many Democrats get and when a Republican sneeses it is a new headline "scandal" Respectfully submitted Ray Clarke Sr Not Silent

Mr. Clarke, you seem to ...

have overlooked the fact that the repubs own the entire political process in our state. For the moment, there is no effective opposition from Democrats or anyone else. Anything in state politics that riles folks up since the last election IS the Republican's fault. De Facto, not innuendo! I guess this is one of the little benefits of not being in the majority, for the moment. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

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