Letter: McCrory’s speech on tax cuts ignores reality

By Patricia Pierson

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My day starts off the same every day. I get up, make a pot of coffee, let the dog out and go out and get the paper.

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Ignores reality?

First off, the purpose of taxes is to raise revenue. Somehow we've allowed revenue collection to be morphed into yet another welfare program. If you don't pay taxes - as low income households do not - you should not receive a "refund". I love the revenue neutral approach. Everyone should contribute something - if not money through taxes, community service for the unemployed on welfare. They key is work! If someone is required to work for what they receive from welfare, you'd see fewer people on welfare. I don't think making people work for what they receive is cruel; quite the contrary... Handouts to the capable are cruel... they'll never maximize their God given potential or pass along any kind of work ethic to their children... that's exactly where we are today!

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