Letter: More silence what we really need at Christmas

By Jerry Gill

The Daily Advance

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A commercial currently on TV characterizes this season as “pandemonium” and “madness.”

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I heard something

on the radio that falls right inline with this. The suggestion was that we limit the number of gifts to three per adult/child. Do the three wise men ring a bell? With less thought and effort committed to giving and getting, the more time, energy and sanity we would have to reflect on what we're celebrating; the birth of our Savior!

Necessary Silence and Solitude

These were my thoughts too upon entering the season of Advent. At Church of the Redeemer in Camden, rather than initiate an Advent program of teaching or singing, we began times of quiet reflection and prayer on each Sunday evening in Advent. We have one more this Sunday evening from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Anyone is invited to come to the church during that hour to pray and reflect in quiet. We will have prayer guides to help inspire a meaningful time of prayer. The sanctuary will be open for prayer, and we have a private prayer room, too. www.anglicanchurchoftheredeemer.org

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