Letter: Motorists courteous to causeway residents

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Motorists courteous to causeway residents

We the residents of Gardner Pointe, Harbor Place and Michelle Cove commend the motorists coming from Camden County for their courtesy in allowing us to make our way into the traffic line!

We have all agreed that someone will always blink their lights or blow their horn and allow us to enter the extremely long line on the Camden Causeway. We deal with noise night and day from the building of the new bridge. But there is always a ray of sunshine when we go to get on the road to cross the bridge and a good Samaritan allows us to enter the mile-long line of traffic.

Along with the road rage we should always be aware that there are courteous and caring drivers, too.

JOHN BERARDSFlbElizabeth City


Mr. Berard, It's very

Mr. Berard, It's very thoughtful of you and the other residents to take the time to thank the causeway drivers. I hadn't given your collective inconvenience any thought. Your letter caused me to realize what a pain the traffic and the noise must be for you all.

I am glad you shared that thought with us.

I am happy to know this because what I notice more than anything is people who want to race to pass someone and then the person being passed racing ahead to not let them in.

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