Letter: NAACP needs to help track education funds

By Joe Lane

The Daily Advance

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On Monday, Feb. 3, the front page of The Daily Advance featured photographs of William Barber, head of the North Carolina NAACP, delivering a speech to a revival audience at Holy Trinity Community Church in Elizabeth City on a Saturday night.

Dear Reader,
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Thank you, Mr. Lane,

For expressing these thoughts so well.


It is disconcerting to me that some people resort to name calling and insults to get their points across. I am dorseyharris which is my name. I don't hide behind a pseudonym to speak out. I do not insult or name call. Rev Barber has done a lot of good and has given the downtrodden hope. Continue to speak out Melanie and ignore the name calling and insults.

You don't hide behind a pseudonym?

How many times have you hidden behind june443?

Support the NAACP

I truly do not agree with the writer of this article. The NAACP has sought to end discrimination and bring about equal opportunities for not only people of color who have faced discrimination but all people. There has been and still is discrimination in the world. The NAACP helps to right the wrongs against those who are downtrodden. I like the Rev. Barber; he has done much good and his sermons rivets the crowds.

I agree

there is still an element out there with extreme racist views - from both sides... but nothing like it was. I have a wonderful friend of color who said he was the biggest racist of all before he was saved. What irks me about the NAACP is their stance that racism is the sole cause of all the problems plaguing the black community. That's what they project anyway - that’s the only time you hear from them... Somewhere down the line you have to attribute the current state to personal choices. We've thrown countless billions at poverty and it's still there. Education is there for those that choose to be educated - and steps have been made (though condemned by the left) to expand choices in education. Education and sound choices mark the path from poverty to prosperity. More importantly - a whole lot of Jesus is needed – but that’s across the board… sin knows no boundaries. If your "all people" statement were true - we'd have seen the NAACP in Detroit last week - doing something about the atrocity I mentioned below. We never hear of it... we never see it... because it doesn't happen.

Please tell me.

Please cite a instance when the NAACP sought to help any downtrodden caucasian individual or group.

Every time

Every time the NAACP supports public education, LGBT rights, the environment, and health care, it is helping "downtrodden" caucasians.

Hey Mel

I wasn't asking you. I was asking dorseyharris.


Sharpton selling drugs and Jackson is doing what he does best, insighting unrest, and Beiber, oh I mean Barber, is trying to act like them. Get a life!! Our city is going down the tube with their help. So I say "No thanks" NAACP. Go practice your racist beliefs somewhere else.


Wow, just wow. A racist hate group? I'd suggest you spend some time exploring the goals of the NAACP as well as its history. I'd suggest you spend some time talking with Reverend Barber. And, I'd suggest you actually attend at least one Moral Monday/Forward Together Movement event before you engage in such utter condemnation.

Why aren't

Sharpton and Jackson in Detroit - protesting against the beating of the white guy who was attacked by a mob of blacks because he stopped to help a 10 year old black boy he accidently hit with his car. The boy stepped off the curb – nothing he could do. Where are they Melanie? Why aren’t you up there marching? If it had been a black man driving - and a white boy accidently hit - and a mob of whites attacked him, where would the Sharptons and Jacksons be? When the NAACP starts practicing what they preach as it applies to ALL people – they just might gain some credibility.

Lip service, Melanie.

You're just lip service and smoke. Gee, no wonder I feel a draft in the seat of my pants when I read your comments. No thanks on the invite. Momma always said,"You sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas". As long as you're content and happy, I'm happy for you. By the way, what color is the sky in your world?

I have reviewed my posts on this thread

And there was no name-calling or personal insults. I can't say the same thing for you. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since you shield yourself through anonymity.

Come on Melanie,

Is this the best you can come up with? But then, once one gets past the lame, indoctrinated and memorized rhetoric, there's nothing really to be said.


Again, there was no personal invective in my prior posts; your's was nothing but personal invective, as is this post. Own it or don't post it. But you won't because you post anonymously.

And why

should we? I agree, the NAACP is nothing more than a organization that prays on the backs of black people, stirs unrest, and is the most racial organization I know of. Same as the KKK and thank God that organization is, for the most part, non existent. Good job Joe!!!!

I'd guess

That you haven't been to any of the Moral Monday/Forward Together events. Why not try it, and see what it is all about? I perceive that you are judging the NAACP based on local behavior. I am a member of the NAACP. What you are seeing in Elizabeth City is NOT representative of the NAACP as a whole. I encourage you to seek out other places/people.

Please tell me.

If what we see in Elizabeth City is not representative of the NAACP as a whole, then why does the NAACP "as a whole" allow it to go on here? Any reputable organization worth it's salt has guidelines and rules to govern those representatives and/or it's groups by. And yes, reputable organizations ENFORCED them. You saying different doesn't make it so. Actions speak louder than words, so "can" the lip service that erupts from your mouth. A racist hate group is exactly what the NAACP is. Nothing less.

I can't get over their hypocrisy...

Look at the Trayvon Martin case. They were all up in arms over that - but you don't hear a peep about all the black on black crime. Look at Chicago and their murder rate... Where are the marches? Where is Sharpton and Jackson? Why are they so quick to point the finger outside of their communities but doing nothing within? Maybe its easier to blame others than take responsibility?

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