Letter: Needed — Lawmakers who follow Constitution

By John Sams

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If you are dismayed by the daily dysfunction that passes for government in Washington, I would like to recommend positive action you can take in May if you are an independent or Republican voter.

Dear Reader,
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The intent of my letter,( which was edited because the Daily Advance policy is not to publish letters supporting candidates--they prefer that you take out an advertisement) was to let all Independents and Republicans know they can vote for Dr Brannon in the Republican primary on May 6th.

For Me

For me it is Brannon and I know a lot of others that feel the same way.

For Me

For me it is Brannon and I know a lot of others that feel the same way.

Full time "job"...an occupation, it is

We know it. They know it. They have the control. Clean house and follow the meaning and intent of the constitution, and that is plain to read and understand. Serving in government is not an occupation as "they" have made it. Criminal. Their retirement (BS) and "fringe" benefits (BS) of those sent to D.C. is criminal. Term limits? It would be a blessing, but you'll not live long enough to get it. How to stop them from buying votes? Excellent question. It began a loooong time ago, but FDR made it a priority and he was a master at it. (BTW, he did a very POOR job getting us out of the depression.) The last Demo worth a vote was Harry Truman. The same for MOST of the Republicans. Have you gone over your health insurance policy lately....that is, if you still have one? When it hits you in your pocketbook you'll sit up and take notice. Dealing with promises? As one often says, "I'd rather see it than hear tell of it." The best government is less government. Our government is the problem and not the answer.

I agree...

Politicians at one time were those who were successful in the private sector - learned how the real world works - and then applied that wisdom and experience to governing. Now we have career politicians that are clueless to begin with - and become even more so once inside the beltway. Since when does being a community organizer qualify one for the presidency? It's clear it does not... IMHO - all presidents should have once served in the military... Commander in Chief is the biggest roll of that office... All decisions pivot on what will keep whichever party in power - no whats best for our nation. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates revealed how sick minded our president and Hillary Clinton really are... revealing a discussion where they admittedly made military decisions with political ramifications being their ONLY concern. In other words - whats best for our country and its military took a back seat to their personal political ambitions... Where is the outrage??? Bush was hated for doing what he thought was best for the country - and was willing to take the hit politically. Like him or not, and yes mistakes were made as with all wars (Operation Market Garden ring a bell?), but at least his priorities were straight. He new the office was bigger than he was. Can anyone say the same of this president? Does anyone sense the slightest hint of humility?

I will

I will do my part and not vote for any incumbent!! But I will vote.

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