Letter: NJ archbishop needs audience with pope

By Ann Bechiom

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Blessed is the good Roman Catholic Archbishop John Myers of Newark, New Jersey, who added a $500,000 addition to his home recently.

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I'm not sure why this would be surprising

St Peter's basilica as well as many other of the splendid cathedrals were built with money paid for penance. This has been going on for hundreds of years. The Biblical pattern of course is for the church to have Godly men called elders to oversee doctrine, activities and compensation for the preaching of the gospel. This system was commandeered by the Roman government in the first century AD and then morphed into the Catholic church under Constantine, which to this day models the template of the Roman Government. Most of that protocol is based on tradition and Papal mandate rather than Biblical pattern and practice. Wycliffe and Tyndal were cursed by the Pope for providing the common man with copies of the Bible for reading, however old habits die hard.

That is insane...

That's about how much Michelle Obama's vacation in Spain cost US tax payers... Maybe we should adopt an empty envelope policy to the IRS until our royal family starts paying for their own vacations... Seriously - that is sick... that's a lot of full bellies and warm beds... shameful...

Snarky Ann?

Oh my, who knew Ann had a snarky side?

So, calling a spade a spade,

So, calling a spade a spade, is sarcastic? What is wrong with being sarcastic? Ann, I think your point is well taken.

Where did the money come

Where did the money come from? Is that from a salary?

Twinstar.... here's a link to

Twinstar.... here's a link to the story... unbelievable... http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2014/03/archbishops_pricey_retirement_home_spurs_backlash_as_parishioners_withhold_donations.html

wow... I agree with Ann!! The

wow... I agree with Ann!! The good Archbishop's mansion is taxed at $776,000. This little $500,000 addition is probably just a little more anyone needs (especially a member of the clergy).

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