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Letter: 'Noah’ film could help many come to faith

By Ray Clarke Sr.

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One of my favorite Biblical stories is the one of Noah. It is a very powerful story and now a whole new movie has been made on this subject. To me the story is way up there as one of the most important events ever recorded.

Dear Reader,
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Spur Biblical reading, or...

greater interest in science fiction? I was one of those that ran straight to the source for comparison afterward and I have to say, the movie was better. This movie especially left me wondering what happens next to Ham? Does he go on to spontaneously produce the black races, as some christians believe, albeit through asexual reproduction as this movie seems to propose? And what of the in-breeding problems that would arise from reproduction within such a small starting population that was already intra-related at the time of the flood? Wouldn't our generations look more like those folks from the Hills Have Eyes, or British royals, rather than what we have become? Well, it's a ripping good yarn, either way! Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

movie was better?

Not really Force 12. The movie was quite a dissapointment-but then again this is liberal Hollywood we are dealing with. Nevertheless, I stand by what I wrote in my letter if people will read God's word for themselves and get faith then the movie was worth making. Respectfully submitted, Ray Clarke Sr--not silent.

Mr. Clarke, it's only a disappointment if...

as the producers admit, viewers expect a close interpretation of the Biblical account. This was never intended to be that, so I'm not disappointed. I viewed it for what it is, a rollicking good tale.

Look, even within christian circles the original story is best told with embellishment and speculation. There is, after all, only about a page of print dedicated to it in the Bible.

However, no matter how it is told, straight KJV, or Hollywood, the moral lesson is the same, and there we agree.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

accidental repeat

accidental repeat. Force 12

Quite possibly

the author means that people will be so 'thrown for a loop' over this cinema version that they may actually go back to the 'Source' and read the original story, which could lead to them reading ever more of 'The Book'.

To read

the book will always be better avnrulz.

Randolph reads the Bible…

While stationed in WWII France with the Prime Minister’s son Randolph Churchill; author Evelyn Waugh wrote the following:

“In the hope of keeping Randolph quiet, we bet him 20 Pounds that he cannot read the whole Bible in a fortnight. Unhappily it has not had the result we hoped. He has never read any of it before and is hideously excited; keeps reading quotations aloud… or merely slapping his side and chortling ‘God, isn’t God a sh**!’.”

Cheers old friend,


I tend to agree with that

I tend to agree with that line of thinking. That was the only redeeming part of the movie that I could see.

"And every living substance was destroyed...

...which was upon the face of the ground, both man, and cattle, and the creeping things, and the fowl of the heaven; and they were destroyed from the earth: and Noah only remained alive, and they that were with him in the ark."

Is this really how you expect people to "get faith?"



You miss

my point in the letter Mr Parker. The Bible was given to us to have hope--to turn us back to God who wishes our well being --not distruction. Human beings are free will indaviduals--the people of Noahs day made their choices---the people of today are making choices also. RMC

So I guess that means that God has no plans for us?

You can't have it both ways.



God always has a plan for us Mr Parker

Jeremiah 29:11---and many think today that they really can have it both ways---However as I stated in my last comment we are indaviduals of free choice--It is up to us to choose to follow God or not. RMC

Those who

dismiss the miraculous or the supernatural seem to have a real problem with the String theory or M theory which suggests (at least mathematically) that there exist dimensions and time/space continuums that we know nothing about.

I do not have a problem with these ideas at all.

In fact, I find string and "M" theories quite compelling.

That said - due to the small sizes that need to be measured - neither of these ideas can be tested with existing technology. Consequently, both string and "M" fall outside of the realm of science. That's the cool thing about science though - doubt is the essential ingredient to progress.

The miraculous and supernatural therefore have no place in this recipe.

Good to chat with you again Twinstar!



Mr Parker

Your assertion that String and M theory fall outside the realm of science is absolutely incorrect. I have volumes of scientific and mathematical documentation to prove it. Granted the existing proofs are more mathematical than physical but scientists (yes that's right, scientists) as well as mathematicians, concur that at least 11 different dimensions are mathematically indicated which suggests phenomena outside the known time/space continuum which in turn very easily points to the very real existence of the supernatural. I'm not sure why secularists and humanists have such a hard time admitting there are things inside and outside of the known universe that they know nothing about. In their world nothing exists unless they can detect it with one or more of the 5 senses. This is nonsense, even by their own standards. Keep in mind they thought the same thing about black holes, dark matter, dark energy, and the Higgs boson until relatively recently.

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond...

...I was out of town.

The definition of science:

"The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena."

Your statement above:

"Granted the existing proofs are more mathematical than physical..."

Therefore, by your own standard, I continue to stand by my assertion that String and M fall outside of the realm of science.

Your suggestion that God is hiding somewhere in the 11th dimension is both interesting and amusing. But unlike String and M, there is and never will be any mathematical documentation to prove or falsify your idea because it is based entirely upon wishful thinking by people such as yourself.



1. Science, mathematics, and

1. Science, mathematics, and the literature disagree with you. 2. It's also probably safe to say that you haven't been everywhere, out of town notwithstanding. I suppose we'll have to leave it at that for now.

Would you please give me an example to support...

...your first point?

Statement 2) is simply incorrect.

I have no idea where you were trying to go with this line of reasoning, so I'll leave the last word to you Paul.

Cheers for now,


You and I really need to get together over a couple beers sometime!

Here's one good science book.

Here's one good science book. There are many more, even a String Theory for Dummies written by another scientist. Maybe you misunderstood #2 statement but if you didn't we really do need to get together. I'd like to know what's really inside a black hole and how many more dimensions beyond the 11 that we have equations for.

I think I'll stick with the "Dummies" version.

My compliments on your level of scholarship sir, but $79.95? Ouch!

I reckon there's nothing inside a black hole, but I bet getting there would be fun!

Good to chat with you again Twinstar,

All the best,


Well thank you. Much obliged and

check with the libraries for those books. There is supposed to be interlibrary loan service in NC but I've never used it here, only in FL.

as always Twinstar

Your comments are cutting to the chase and spot on. RMC

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