Letter: Not up to Republicans to fix Obamacare’s ills

By Marvin Pelon

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I am not a member of the tea party, which, of course, is not a political party but rather a point of view on the role of government in the lives of the American people. I do concur with much of their agenda on lower taxes, less intrusion by government in our lives, and the protection of our liberties, as guaranteed under the Constitution. I also suspect that if we could ever find another old-fashioned conservative Democrat, the tea party would likely support that person.

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No apology needed

Mr. Pelon, do not apologize for maintaining good morals and standards, but rather, Stand Proud! Your ideals are shared by myself and many, many others. Sadly, those entitlement leaches are sought after for votes and our prolifically corrupt, greedy, and wayward politicians seek to appease them for their votes. The only way to reverse this trend is for correct thinking conservatives to get out and vote! Thanks for your encouraging comments.

hear hear!

Thank you Mr. Pelon... wisdom isn’t throwback - it’s just rare!

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