Letter: NRA deathly quiet after gun instructor shooting

By Ann Bechiom

The Daily Advance

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We’re all familiar with the National Rifle Association’s mantra, “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.”

Dear Reader,
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Why Ann so much DA?

Why do you continue to post this obvious far left broken wings liberal hate? Never mind... I already know the answer!

Wong twice in.

You're wrong on this issue and your buddies from your party are wrong. NRA had nothing to do with this accident. And the local BK has nothing to do with the HQ of BK moving. The people running the local Bk started from nothing. Have built a great business in EC. They employ people, pay taxes, and contribute to local area events. They even collect the sales tax for state of NC and getting nothing for doing it. If you keep asking people to not buy there you are hurting local people. They may be out of a job. Just think if all the local business closed, those welfare checks would be cut off and assuming from your other letters it would effect you. Next time the party you belong to send out talking points, please question them on the truth. By the way, I just saw one of your democrat buddies taking target practice in his back yard and a two year old kid was running around in front of target. Worst part he put the gun in this kid hand and let him shoot. He was shooting on the level, hard telling where the bullets end up at. I plan to buy more from BK after reading your letter.

Too funny

You're too funny, accusing her of partisan stand yet it is you who obviously has a partisan stance. Read the article again. She never mentioned Burger King.

Stock this one up to Darwin's law. It's just a shame the girl at 9 years of age is now a killer. Agreed, the NRA has nothing to do with this story. With the NRA's roots in gun safety training they should be against what happened. That does not mean the NRA need to comment on every incident that includes a gun no matter how stupid the people are.


I said she was wrong twice in one week. Her first post was on BK and second on NRA. You are not reading correctly.


Okay, that sounds sensible but where did you mention "twice in one week"? Obviously just an error now that you have explained it.

One more stupid letter by Ms. Bechiom,

no surprise there.

Point on, sparatus!

No statement necessary.

Hey Ann. Accidents happen.

Hey Ann. Accidents happen. Why should the NRA issue a statement? Does Ford issue a statement if an F150 kills a pedestrian?

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