Letter: Obama’s designed ineptness to destroy US

By Calvin Lacy

The Daily Advance

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Have you ever wondered at the preponderance of so many scandals arising seemingly out of nowhere in the Obama White House?

Dear Reader,
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I thought it was against the

I thought it was against the law to smoke crack.....or maybe LSD is making a come back.



Actually, President Obama is ...

Well on his way to finishing his second term leaving the country in far,far better shape than when he took over. But of course you give him no credit for that.

Health card, civil rights, the economy, no wars. Not bad, really.

THAT'S what's really driving the repugnicans crazy. President Obama succeeds in spite of their most self-destructive efforts.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12


You must be dreaming.

As the...

old Soviet mathematician Shafarevich reminded us of years ago - "socialism of any type and shade leads to a total destruction of the human spirit and to a leveling of mankind into death." If able to comprehend - here is a speech I suggest you read. This man grew up under a system of government you and you ilk are driving us towards... It is dated but extremely relevant... a warning to all of us... http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/alexandersolzhenitsynharvard.htm

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