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Letter: Officials want one thing, then work to sabotage it

By Martha Johnson

The Daily Advance

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I find myself confused by persons who talk out of both sides of their mouth and promote ideas that conflict with each other.

Dear Reader,
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Ms. Johnson

Thank you for your excellent letter that addressed the issue of double talk from the select illustrious city council leadership you mentioned. I take it you are looking for answers as to why they continue to work against themselves and sabotage any attempts at progress. This can be answered in three words: Greed, Stupidity, & Racism. These three things have so consumed them and those that follow them, that it has totally blinded them all to the point that they cannot be reasoned with. They are hopelessly enslaved to these feelings, and for this reason, they cannot ever expect themselves or their people to be free.


Ms. Johnson - Thank-you for writing & speaking out on some of the issues relating to our elected officials. Agree with most of your observations and hope the individuals mentioned read & carefully consider your comments. Bill Hiemer

Excellent letter Ms. Johnson.

Excellent letter Ms. Johnson.

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