Letter: Other ECSU aviation students frustrated

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While reading your recent article “Frustration takes flight,” I couldn’t help but feel relieved that the cat finally has been let out of the bag. A Camden County resident my entire life, I transferred into the aviation science program at Elizabeth City State University as a sophomore. I was thrilled to continue my passion as an aviation enthusiast this close to home.

Dear Reader,
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Congrats on your accomplishment

You were dealt lemons and you made lemonade. You are to be commended for your tenacity and determination. It's a shame it hasn't turn out so well for others. Hopefully, bringing this shortcoming of ECSU's program to light will improve the program. Good luck in all your endeavors!


Ms. Faison - Congrats on your upcoming graduation (with honors!) & earning your private pilot's certificate! Great tenacity & work ethic! Does sound like ECSU has a problem with the Aviation Science Program. Hopeful your story, plus the comments of the other two students earlier this week, will get the attention of the powers to be. This program is such a natural for our region! Thank-you for speaking out, Ms. Faison, and, again, congratulations on your success story! Bill Hiemer

Good for you Ms. Faison.

Good for you Ms. Faison. It's a shame that you had to put up with what you did, but it speaks volumes for your tenacity and determination to make the best of a bad situation. Again, good job.

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