Letter: Peel, Olson deserve thanks, not investigation

By Donald L. McCabe

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Charges of corruption were brought against our mayor, Joe Peel, and city manager, Rich Olson, by Keith Rivers of our local NAACP at last week’s City Council meeting. Rivers claims city funds/employees were used to prepare a grant application to support an aviation-focused charter school.

Dear Reader,
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Given his past history and record

Keith Rivers would be the last person that should be accusing anybody of corruption. On the flip side of that coin Rich Olsen would be the last person to be knowingly involved in some petty scandal. He always does his homework with regard to law and ethics.


Thanks Mr. McCabe. We did not elect the Rivers family, we elected the other council people. Real sorry that Hummer made it back on the council. It's time we start laying the blame on the right people. I agree with your letter and also feel that Bill Morgan is a better attorney than anything the NAACP could send down here. Bill is one of the most honest attorney that I know. I would take his word on anything he addressed.


You are spot on about Bill Morgan. He's an upstanding attorney and all around person.

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