Letter: Pray for Saeed, US pastor held in Iran prison

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Pray for Saeed, US pastor held in Iran prison

I’m willing to bet that not too many people in The Daily Advance’s circulation area know that we have our very own Christmas Grinch. Not only that but that our Grinch isn’t just busy during the Christmas season; he’s busy year-round.

Dear Reader,
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Mr. Lacy, I read...

Jerry Gill's letter and suggest that you should re-read it yourself. You are both fighting from the same side of this. The difference is that Jerry Gill chose sarcasm that you perhaps missed, and you chose to write directly to the point. You both agree that Christmas is about Christ and His spirit, rather than the crap-marketing that we're subjected to. You both bemoan that what we do in America to "celebrate" His birth celebrates profits instead. May I gently suggest that the cure for "holiday" marketing is to just stop participating in the annual buying frenzy and focus on the Christian purpose with your family instead? When we agree to stop behaving like just so many enthralled marketing sheep being led from sale to sale, then this will stop. Because Christians are the majority, Christians themselves are driving this. So if you really are a Christian, then just stop. Simple. Perhaps THIS is a starting point for the "awakening" that some Christians hope for. Just stop. I would personally sit up and listen to the preacher that's willing to lead his flock in THIS direction. BUT, before you entirely eliminate the marketing piece of Christmas, consider that you and many of your Christian friends could put yourselves out of work. For some retailers, the holiday season can represent anywhere between 20–40% of annual sales. And that's just the pointy end of the marketing spear - the production and distribution systems would also see a proportional decline. Plus this would have a global affect because retail is based in a global system now and Americans (yes, our majority Christians) are the biggest consumers, worldwide. It ain't local anymore. SO, the question becomes one of transition and balance. How do we stop the current insanity AND replace it with something that keeps business in business while we get back to Jesus? When you can answer this, you'll have your own Wiki entry. Mr. Saeed is a different matter entirely and you've made a curious connection here. Would you explain this further - How Mr. Saeed is connected to the commercialization of Christmas? I support your desire to see him freed. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

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