Letter: Previous pay hike not helping teachers

By David C. Seymour

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If North Carolina’s governor could follow President Obama’s advice on raising the minimum wage, perhaps teachers could come out ahead on their 2008-09 raise of 1.2 percent. As a teacher with a master’s degree and certification in four subject areas, and a career that has spanned over 29 years, I received only a $30-a-month increase as a pay raise.

Dear Reader,
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If the minimum wage

is increased - the cost of goods and services will go up accordingly. That pathetic 1.2% raise would disappear... Increasing minimum wage is nothing more than a hidden tax on the rest of us - the economy would re-baseline and the minimum wage bracket would be right back where they started - while everyone else waits for a cost of living increase to get back where we started... I'm guessing/hoping that math/economics are not one of your 4 subject areas... Should raises be earned or simply given? It's apparent what the average Democrat thinks... Welcome to election year rhetoric...


You mean teachers only make minimum wage? How many days do teachers work? Dying to hear this one!!!

Teachers are

10 month employees I believe... If you add up the hours put in, they’re not doing a whole lot better than minimum wage - definitely not getting what they deserve. The teachers I know are at home grading papers while most are clicking their remotes. I wouldn't go there when asking how many days teachers work... I got "schooled" by a teacher when I thought the same way... I know only a few that can tolerate what teachers deal with day to day... They're on the front lines of all that ails our society... In any given class they're dealing with a mix of achievers, underachievers, dysfunctional parents/homes and the future inmates of America... What if your performance evals were based on the academic performance of a student that comes to school and sleeps all day - because their "parents" are up partying all night? Try that on for size...

Teaching our children

Please don't use anything out of this administration as an example of good sense, well at least not to impressionable minds.

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