Letter: Public education under attack from GOP lawmakers

By C. Dorsey Harris

The Daily Advance

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Public education has been and will continue to be under attack with the Republican majority in the N.C. House and Senate.

Dear Reader,
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There’s no sense in putting something as crucial as children’s education in the hands of a professional class [teachers] with less accountability than others and with job protections that most Americans can only fantasize about.


there is nothing wrong to give parents a CHOICE--that is a large part of the freedoms have in this country.

I'll be the first to say our teachers are undervalued.

The most recently passed NC budget allocated $11.7 billion for education in NC. That's about 60% of the total budget. NC on a percentage basis spends more than 42 other states in the nation on education. Another 20% of the budget was allocated for Medicaid. That leaves 20% remaining to pay for every other obligation such as roads, infrastructure, health and human services, security, law enforcement, etc. For those who are unhappy with the budget, what part of that 20% would you like to reallocate to education? Or would you like to increase taxes at a time when our fragile economy is just beginning to recover. No crickets on this one. I'd like to see some real numbers.

Bring accountability home

We need to take this magic show out of Raleigh and bring it to the local level and give School Boards taxing authority for their budget. That way the legislature would have less work to do and the people who are supposed to oversee the school system would have the authority as well as the responsibility to do what is best in their district.

There would be no more buck passing and hand wringing about what those folks in Raleigh (dems or reps) did to us. We'd be responsible for who we elected to act locally and they would have to answer for the school budget.

I would suggest 2 year terms for school board so we can toss the bad eggs out when they smell up the place.

We'd also need to fence off the lottery money from legislative raiding.

Driver Education Removal

The local County Boards of Education are now deciding that students should share in the costs for this course. It is an elective not required by the state for graduation. What are some other offering in the schools that can be shared cost with the students? This can save us some additional money and reduce our taxes while not hurting the legal obligations of public schools. I think leaner, more efficient schools, with a clearer single focus is the goal.

Mr. Harris' claims about education spending

and his favorite political action committee Emily's list got trounced by the liberal Washington Post political ad fact checker. Reviewing the Emily's list NC ad that echoes the numbers you hear so often from NCAE reps the Post gave the ad: The Pinocchio Test Emily’s List is exaggerating the extent and impact of reductions in state funding for education last year—while ignoring the fact that the education budget is being bolstered this year. Two Pinocchios I guess Mr. Harris and others hope if you claim something is true enough times, people will believe you. Michael Audette

Well stated, Dorsey!

Thank you for being an advocate for educators in NC! This letter tells the truth about what our elected officials wanted to impose on our educators! Why should teachers be silent any longer! Educators have families like everyone else. Educators need to stop being treated like Public Enemy #1! Unless you know how much work and dedication a teacher puts into this profession, people need to just be quiet! Keep up the good fight, Dorsey! More need to speak up for education! Oh, and as for tenure. It is possible to get an incompetent teacher with tenure out! Make no mistake about that!

I forgot to mention vouchers,

I forgot to mention vouchers, Mr. Dorsey. Every parent of every student should be given a voucher. That voucher should be in the amount of federal, state and local money currently spent on educating the child. The parents could then choose where to send their child to school. It could be a Charter School, an Academy, a private school or a public school. Those that did a miserable job would drop by the wayside. But… it would force all schools to work hard to compete for those students. The schools that did the best jobs would flourish, those that did a lousy job would fall by the wayside.

Sigh . . .

It's election time again and so someone feels the need to castigate Republicans hoping it will garner more votes for the Democrats. Yawn. You're using old school tactics that voters are tired of Mr. Harris and your kind of nasty politics is what keeps many good people from wanting to serve. You act as though it's bad, really bad, that Art Pope is rich and had the audacity to donate money to campaigns yet at the same time you say nothing about the rich Democrats who donate to campaigns. Jeeeez

It's in the NCAE's interest

It's in the NCAE's interest to foment hate and discontent within the ranks of NCAE members. After all, if all the members were happy and content – many would consider dropping their membership in the NCAE and give themselves a $450 or so raise each year. The NCAE leadership (you included) is dependent on member dues for their salaries – if the Civitas report is accurate, you folks do quite well for yourselves. So, in spite of teachers receiving their first meaningful raise in years (Democrats gave them nothing, if you recall), the NCAE is busily at work twisting and turning and distorting ginning up griping and complaining. Maybe the legislature should have left well enough alone and told teachers – we’re going to give you the same thing the Democrats gave you – absolutely nothing. Oh. and tenure. Why should teachers have tenure? I've read where teachers need tenure to protect them from unscrupulous principals or administrators. Well, any government employee could have an unscrupulous supervisor - and cops, firemen and other civil servants don't get tenure. They all have grievance procedures they can follow if they feel like they've been mistreated. Why is that not good enough for teachers? It's a shame if a terrible tenured teacher can't be removed from the classroom. Think about the kids!... one last thing. In November, vote Republican.

Mr. NCAE, Clyde Dorsey Harris,

I guess you must think it's all part of the big vast right wing conspiracy like your bud, Bud Wright. We're still waiting for your compensation numbers you promised, but nothing but crickets. Their absence speaks volumes about your credibility.


Mr. Harris how much do you receive annually to be a NCAE spokes person??????????????

Taxpayers will appreciate the fact

that the education budget is being held accountable just as individual family budgets are accountable. Ask all the parents if any of them received a 7 percent raise this year. Some will argue that not all got a 7% raise, I don't entirely deny that.

The question is, did ANY parents get a 7% raise, if they did, how many?

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