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Letter: Questions about TDA columnist’s integrity unfair

The Daily Advance

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I have never written to a newspaper.

Dear Reader,
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Keep It Up, Holly and Michael!

I am tremendously pleased to have such a talented and insightful columnist as Holly on the staff of the TDA. She has the fortitude to peel away the layers of "political correctness", and report on the real core issues. The TDA and its readers are blessed to have a well thought out and well written column on a regular basis. Michael, my heart felt thanks for standing up for your wife in a truthful, honest and fact-filled way. I wish you both all the best.

So now you have the rest of the story.

It's unfortunate the Daily Advance did not include this part of the story when they originally disclosed Mrs. Koerber Audette's professional relationship with our District Attorney. I have known Holly Koerber Audette since 2000 and her husband Michael for about a year, but feel that I know them both quite well. We are very fortunate to have both of them in this community as they are extremely generous, community minded citizens who really do care about the future of Elizabeth City and the northeast. I feel honored to be able to call them friends. The Daily Advance and it's readership is very fortunate to have the talents of Holly Koerber Audette contributing to their publication.

Amen, Bill

Her column is refreshing bit of truth and reality surrounded by overwhelming articles of deceit and lies.

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