Letter: Reagan on wrong side of history in S. Africa

By Ann Bechiom

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God must have spent a whole lot of time putting the great peace leader of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, together.

Dear Reader,
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Wrong! Ms Bechiom

God is not a respecter of persons(Acts 10:34) and we were all created equal. Mendella openly called for armed Revolution (he saw "no alternative" )and was a member of the Communist party- see South African Communist party admission. As far as your Reagan comments go I concur Do Mo.

Terrorist first

Ms. Bechiom would do herself well to read more on Nelson Mandela, and discover his affinity for radical groups and leaders, such as Yasir Arafat and the PLO, Ghaddafi of Libya, and others, and how his liberation group burned their opponents alive with flaming tires.

Don't expect the truth from Ann -

President Reagan actually appointed the first black ambassador to South Africa whose job was to pressure the Afrikaans government to release Mandela. President Reagan did not approve of Apartheid, nor did he support the communist/socialist African National Congress. Liberals love to re-write history... and there will be plenty of re-writing to do once this "president" leaves office...

Time A Wasting.....Go For It

Twenty-seven years in the slammer!!!! The fellow occupying the people's White House is trying emulate himself as Mandela. Hey, not a bad idea. First, he must serve his 27 years and then come back for public approval. Thanks to the email writer who is circulating this idea.

Was Mandela a Christ-follower?

I always thought of him as being in the same category as Gandhi. As you may have noticed Ann has a problem with anything conservative. It just so happens that Christ was a conservative. By that I mean He defined and condemned sin. Absolute moral standards ordained by God are the foundation of conservatism. Liberals will vehemently deny this concept, but it is also the thing that they fear and hate the most.

I didn't know you disliked

I didn't know you disliked Christians so much Ann.

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