Letter: Replace Obamacare with free-market program

By Raymond M. Brandi

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Now that the Affordable Care Act, better known as “Obamacare,” has been passed and is law, we are truly seeing what House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., meant when she said, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.”

Dear Reader,
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It will never work!

It will never work because the ones who get it for free, says it takes too much effort! So more bureaucrats are needed to do it for them. The answer is supply and demand. More doctors, nurses and hospitals will bring down prices. Who controls the universities?

My monthly health care

premiums through my employer dropped 40 bucks a month, but my yearly deductible more than doubled! That seems to be the trend - confirming that Obamacare is nothing more than a hidden tax. Didn’t they say Obamacare wasn’t a tax before it was a tax? Everyone knows that the system needed to be fixed. But what the Democraps did was yank the wheel with no idea where this ship was going... A real solution for something as complex as health care needed a THOUGHT OUT bi-partisan plan with a THOUGHT OUT implementation process. Now the entire market is in shock because no one knew what was in this monstrosity of a law. Now we have this administration acting outside its constitutional authority by making changes to the law - delaying the inevitable to try and save congressional seats in the next election cycle. Does anyone need a lesson on the different roles of each branch of government? Need I remind everyone of what Pelosi said? If the law is not good enough for the representatives that voted it into law, it’s not good enough for the rest of us. PERIOD!

Good letter Mr Brandi

Obamacare was a huge mistake from the get go. The American people are waking up to what is happening and they are going to voice it---in the ballot box.

We had a free market...

system that wouldn't insure anyone but healthy people. Everyone else was ripped off or excluded. The repugnicans want to take us back to that. No thanks. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

News Flash

What you've got now is much worse than what you had. Just ask those who lost what they had and have to pay outrageous prices and deductibles for what you probably think is the greatest thing since the cell phone. Wait till the insurance companies start dropping employers' insurance. It'll really hit the blades then. Even those eligible for free Medicaid will wind up getting raked over the coals. But then you got what you voted for. PS: In case those uninsured think that being placed on Medicaid (which was already available before Obamacare) is such a sweet deal, I know people that have died because they could not get life saving treatment that would otherwise have been available with a decent private health insurance policy. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/patients-cram-tests-health-law-005700881.html

Well said twinstar...also

The people who are so sold on Obamacare--should look at the waiting lists they have in England and Canada. I am sure that will change a few minds.

Crossbow - apples to oranges...

England and Canada have universal health care funded by taxes. We have true capitalist medicine paid for by you and me and now subsidized for some by our taxes. The only lines forming here are for nursing schools and medical schools that will now ramp up to add massive numbers of doctors and nurses to the medical system. More jobs in health care and medical insurance companies. The Affordable Care Act looks like a job creator to me, everywhere but North Carolina and Texas. Thank you repugnicans. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12


We HAD a free market system . . . .

No - we did

not have a free market system. Read into Ben Carson’s solution to the problem - a real fix that keeps the government within its constitutional box - a referee only.

He means a real free market

like the one we have with auto insurance.

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