Letter: Right attacks pope for following Jesus’ message

By Ann Bechiom

The Daily Advance

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Our good Pope Francis is now being attacked by the ultraconservatives, who claim the Bible, the cross and the flag, for sounding the same Christian message as President Obama: that we should feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and comfort the sick.

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Talking out of

both sides of her mouth as usual... There is a huge difference between the roll of the the Church and individuals, and that of government. The bible also says that if you don’t work - you don’t eat. It’s not charity conservatives are against - it’s the enslavement of the poor by the Dimocrats... it's the waste of human potential... Welfare and dependency = bondage... just like debt = bondage... Thank the Lord we’ve all but taken care of equal opportunity... it’s the lack of equal outcomes the Dimocrats have no answer for. How many billions have we thrown at poverty? How has that worked for us? A sloth will be a sloth as long as the government continues to reward laziness... Hand ups - no hand outs!!! This applies to the able and unwilling - not the willing and unable...

The Pope also believes that

The Pope also believes that marriage is between one man and one woman. He also believes that abortion is to be condemned. He does not believe in contraception. Since Ann is jumping on the Pope bandwagon, I'm sure she shares these beliefs too. The truth of the matter - why would one hold up the beliefs of a single religion (Catholicism)? Why not Islam or Buddhism? .... Methinks the leftwing would like to tout the Pope's beliefs when they are convenient to them ----- when not convenient (as in marriage and abortion), they will ignore them.

Like so many including the pope and the president

Ms. Bechiom fails to understand that the message of Jesus was directed toward His Church, not toward the government. God's main purpose for government is justice and retribution, not charity. Check Romans 13.

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