Letter: Right-wing hypocritical about welfare cowboy

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What if the wealthy Bundy cattle ranch in Nevada was owned by a black or brown liberal rancher who refused to recognize the federal government or pay it $1 million for grazing fees, and met the U.S. Bureau of Land Management with guns when it arrived to collect the grazing fees?

Dear Reader,
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What if?

What if a bullfrog had wings? He wouldn't bump his a** when he landed! Here's another question to peruse. What if Ann had a brain? Hmmmmmm.....A difficult one to answer that one is. Perhaps she would just stick to patrolling and monitoring the trash cans on her street.

I don't believe your question

I don't believe your question is too difficult to answer. We all have brains; everyone knows that. The question should be, how do we use them? After reading some of these comments, I wonder if everyone knows how to use their brain. I enjoy reading Ann's columns and her comments. She knows how to use her intelligence and how to acquaint readers with information that does not always appear in TDA; for whatever reason. That is a very good thing. Keep up the good work Ann.

We have to take this seriously

There are an awful lot of people out there like Ann and they are being allowed to vote. As a result we have a 17Trill debt, the Obamacare and Lybia debacle, and the biggest welfare state in the history of the world.

So true!

well said ...and well needed.

I Am Liberal or Rathe Progressive!

I like Ms. Ann Bechiom's letters to the editor and I am a liberal, or rather a progressive. I do believe in owning guns. That is one thing that makes me different than other liberals, rather progressives.

The issue is not necessarily

do you believe in owning guns, but rather who do you believe should own them, what type of guns do you believe they should own, and do you believe that those who own guns should be able to keep them. Another question you might be asked is do you believe human life begins at conception and do you subscribe to the concept an Ultimate Moral Authority?


I do not usually agree with Ms Bechiom, but this rancher should either pay up or be arrested for breaking the law. Period. However, I do not understand what his race or political persuasion have to do with anything. There are fringe elements of all colors on both sides of the political spectrum. Ignorance and disrespect for the law have no racial or political affiliation. Bill Hiemer


Seems She should be happy to have a working person receiving welfare, once they get hooked then the grand plan is done.

Actually, the current

Actually, the current administration is the "welfare cowboy" for feeding half the population on the taxpayer's dime. Welcome back Ann. We've missed you.

This is really an absurd question

Liberals don't live on ranches or raise cattle. They live in cities and belong to left wing animal rights groups. Law abiding liberals don't own or want anyone else to have guns and lawless liberals use guns to commit crimes in the cities where they live. Race is not relevant since liberals and conservatives can be found in all the major races.

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