Letter: With rights targeted, primary voting key

By Catherine Poropatic

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Steeped in their own unyielding rhetoric, tea party Republicans don’t know how to care about the health, wealth, safety, or well being of the American citizens they are sworn to protect — here in North Carolina or in Washington, D.C.

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Is she talking about

law enforcement officers who are members of the Tea Party? That's what it sounds like.


You should have done your homework first. There were lots of good ideas on both sides of the isle - but Chicago style politics leave no room for compromise. This garbage was rammed through with threats to Dems who opposed - and bribes to those reluctant. Can't we at least stick to the truth - and not lies to insight fear? Thats all this article is...

Sanity prevails

Thank God for the GOP!!!!


Thank God for Republicans!

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