Letter: Ruling requires prayers in name of all, no gods

By Scott Danneker

The Daily Advance

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In her June 23 column, Holly Koerber Audette wrote the following regarding the effect of the recent Supreme Court ruling in Greece v. Galloway on our City Council’s opening invocation policy:

Dear Reader,
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I forgot to mention,

inform Rachel Maddow before you do it.

To Mr. Danneker,

I say you and your atheist buds should show up at a City Council meeting and request prayer time, or whatever you might want to call it. Bring all the Pasquotank Wiccans along as well. I don't see how you can be denied.

Anyone who thinks it's just

Anyone who thinks it's just OK to pray to all kinds of gods in America should make a special effort to read 1 Kings 18:20-40. If they still believe it after that, it won't be too long before they find out that it wasn't.

I don't think it is O.K. for me or any Christian

to pray to any God but Jehovah. No matter how right I am it doesn't mean that a non-Christian should not have a choice in their worship. Hopefully, their hearts will be changed and they will become Christians. God gives people a free choice to worship Him or not.

I don't see why we should not follow in God's example of extending freedom to others. I reread the verses you offered but I don't see where it would restrict this freedom.

The God of the Old Testament

The God of the Old Testament and New Testament did not give anybody the freedom to worship or pray to any God but Him. He also states that there are NO other gods that exist but Him. That is also restated in the first of the 10 commandments. Thou shalt have no other gods before Me. The 1st Amendment is a little more lenient but that doesn't make it Biblically or morally correct. It just makes it nationally legal. The founders never anticipated having to allow for the practice of pagan religions (or even Satanic ritual which would be legally protected under the law). A Christ follower will always choose to honor the one true God and Creator of the universe if there is a choice to be made. The point of the story is that even though you have the freedom to choose, there are consequences that go with the choice, sometimes not so pleasant as was the case in the story.


We live in a diverse nation-so many indaviduals may offer their prayers,but I must point out something very important Mr Danneker-America was not founded on "other" religions. America was founded-in fact-on Christianity. It is because of that reality-I believe-we so enjoy the blessings of Liberty.

Actually, I Agree

I don't believe for one minute that Ms. Koerber Audette would object to prayers from other religion.


you are absolutely correct.

Evidently you don't know Mrs. Audette.

It is my firm opinion no one would more firmly support diversified prayers than this individual. Get to know her, you will like her.

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