Letter: Saturday festival way to celebrate man’s diversity

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Saturday festival way to celebrate man’s diversity

I recently revisited the TV series “Cosmos.” As I rediscovered how vast is the universe, and how unique our planet earth has become as our knowledge has increased, I felt small. Small, because as a human being I have not fully appreciated how diverse is our species.

Dear Reader,
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Before we start quoting the

Before we start quoting the book of Mormon or the writings of Joseph Smith does anyone know the history of Mr. Smith or how he died? I might add that although the passage quoted proclaims that God created other planets, it does not say any of them are inhabited with intelligent life, as similarly does the Christian Bible.


To C.L. Cooke I comment you for your love of God's diversity of mankind. I would also like to know where is Moses 1:33 in the Bible!!

Bible as revealed to Joseph Smith


Au Contraire!

You being a christian, you should know that this world is not the "only" one God has created and that we are not the "only" children he has. In Moses 1:33 we read; "And worlds without number have I created; and I also created them for mine own purpose; and by the Son I created them, which is mine Only Begotten". I will give you some credit inasmuch as your statement alluded to "nowhere else in the known universe". Worlds without end has God created many, many universes, and continues to do so, for He is eternal. You need to catch up on your scripture reading.

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