Letter: School boards sue to protect their fiefdoms

By Zack Mills

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School boards across the state are joining together to sue state lawmakers to prevent taxpayers’ money from being used to fund private education enterprises.

Dear Reader,
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Our sick society is the problem...

We have too man broken homes and absent/inept parents. Too many parents are trying to be their child's friend vs. the parent. What kind of parent takes the child's side over the teacher/administrator when it comes to behavior problems? Where is the accountability? I know some amazing teachers - they can only do so much with what they're given... How can we grade teachers on the performance of their students when so many come in stoned, disrespectful or sleeping all day? Kids are dragging their dysfunctional homes into the class room... it's sad - but what is a teacher supposed to do? How do you work with that - when there is zero support from the home? Don't you just love the new guidelines passed down from the Justice Dept - how minority children should be treated differently than others when it comes to discipline... because too many are being suspended, etc... WHAT?????!!!! What message is that sending? It's about the most racist thing I've ever heard - but not surprising from this administration... Too many public education dollars are eaten up with the insane overhead in Raleigh - never making it down to our local schools where its needed. Do away with the federal Department of Education - and give that wasted money to the states where it belongs... How many computers per child do we have in our local schools? What's the state of our text books? Do our teachers have the resources they need? Are there smart boards in the class rooms? I'd love to see those statistics. Here's a chance for this news paper to do some REAL REPORTING. Most of our school rooms look like something out of the 50s and 60s... because that's how old they are...


If the commentator thinks there is a capital of Canada,he's absolutely right about the waste of taxpayer's money on some students!! Then again maybe he attended private school,which he seems interesting in promoting!!!

Did you stop to think that the lack of a capital

is exactly the answer Mr. Mills would be looking for from a student? However, Ottawa would be a good guess, no?


If the commentator thinks there is a capital of Canada,he's absolutely right about the waste of tax payer's money on some students' education!!!Then again,maybe he attended private school,which he seems interested in promotng!!!

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