Letter: Soldiers set aside differences; why can't we?

By Ray Clarke Sr.

The Daily Advance

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I love Christmas. I really do. I am all for breaking out the Christmas stuff around October in early celebration of the holiday (in spite of the Grinches who write columns criticizing it). For me Christmas is not just for this time of year.

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Contrary report

While the soldiers on opposite sides put their differences apart for Christmas 1914 (which was the only Christmas Armistice, which was undeclared and not supported by their commanders), we have U.S. soldiers now taking sides against Christmas, as seen by the reports that non-Christian soldiers in Guantanamo Bay requested the removal of the nativity scene from the chow hall, claiming that its placement was a violation of the 1st Amendment separation of Church and State, which is not what the 1st Amendment says (Separation of Church and State was written by a Founding Father, but not in the Constitution).

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