Letter: Some resolutions for the right-wing in 2014

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Some resolutions for the right-wing in 2014

The following are nine simple truths for our right-wing friends to consider before making their New Year’s resolutions this year:

Dear Reader,
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My question

to you Joe is: If a government is spending the nation to oblivion--and a group called the tea party is sounding the alarm because of it--then who are the fruitcakes??Oh and by the way--it was neither Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann who said that we must pass the bill (Obamacare) to see what is in it---that was the FORMER house speker Nancy Pelosi.

Here's a good resolution for 2014

How about we vote all the liberals out in 2014 that voted for Obamacare. I believe that would include Hagan and Butterfield


I plan to do just that.

Joe's views

are way off base as far as I'm concerned too.

Shoe on other foot?

Hilarious letter; it is a prescription the Left wingers and Dems should follow, themselves. Statement 1.) Go back to 2006 and say that about the press and its coverage of George W. Bush's Presidency with a straight face. Statement 2.) The 'alphabet' networks have sent more former members to work in the WH than at any other time. BTW, when a CBS reporter actually cracked the story at Benghazi, she was suddenly ostracized for having one questionable source, while no one was able to actually refute the facts. Statement 3.) Tell the millions who have lost their coverage, seen their their rates triple to cover those not paying, or hounded by the IRS (look it up, the gentleman lives in SC), or the doctors who have left the medical profession, as well as the employers who had to lay off workers or reduce their hours, to reduce the impact of the 'ACA', but don't worry about the thousands of waivers issued to unions, businesses and Obama supporters. Statement 4.) Despite your derision, the Taxed Enough Already, or TEA party, is fighting to reduce government size, intrusion, and taxation, while hoping to reduce the size of the Federal Government. Statement 5.) Christ told us the poor would always be with us, but Churches and Charity organizations existed to assist them before the government created the welfare system which has destroyed the traditional family, by telling women they can have children without being married, while drawing benefits (paid for by working Americans) for staying home. Statement 6.) Tax payers support the education system in this country, education is freely provided (though providing less return for more expense under such programs as 'Common Core'), and you should look into how much your 'top 5 percenters' actually pay into the economy (and the fact that 50% of Americans pay NO taxes (and look into the stories from two years ago of the illegal aliens claiming tax returns for children living in foreign countries, bilking the government). Statement 7.) Businesses are not welfare states, they are organizations that are developed to 'meet a need.' They have to make a profit, to pay employees and pay for the physical plant, the hardware, employee insurance coverage, marketing, etc. They also support 'Non-profit' organizations with grants and endowments, not to mention the grants given them by the government, which are also paid for by tax payers. Statement 8.) The Founding Fathers served their country faithfully, and certainly never intended The Congress and the Senate to become such fiefdoms and 'nests of vipers'. Statement 9.) Neither Sarah Palin nor Michelle Bachman have been accused of plagiarism (Joe Biden) or paid to have their records sealed (Mr. Obama), nor have they had to surrender their law license (Mr. Obama). As we learned since the launch of the much bally-hooed 'Affordable Care Act', (we are no longer allowed to call it 'Obamacare', apparently) which was not read before it was passed, hired 1,600 IRS agents (again, explain why we need IRS agents for a medical care act?), poured millions of dollars into a non-functioning and hack-able website, the administration KNEW it was flawed, they lied to the country, and pulled a classic 'bait and switch' on the entire citizenry.

Thank you avnrulz

for making a detailed reply to Mr. Fergueson's sad comments. I say sad because he is a fellow American who I see as someone who has completely missed the heart and soul of what America (based on founding history) is about.

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