Letter: Steinburg wants public education dismantled

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State Rep. Bob Steinburg, R-Chowan, stated recently that he has formed a committee of 12 classroom teachers who have volunteered to work with him to find solutions to improving classrooms before the General Assembly reconvenes for the short legislative session on May 14.

Dear Reader,
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Last time I respond to you Mr. Lehmann!

Mr. Lehmann, I have received the following message from a very respectful person in our area. Here is what he had to say about you. With that said, I do not think I need to ever take you seriously. I will in the future, not respond to any of your posts or comments. "Lehmann is an ass. Keep up the good work. He thrives on tearing people down and contributing nothing positive. You're the opposite and that's why you have to keep on keeping on".

C. Dorsey,

I know who told you that and I'll judge you by the friends you keep.

Mr. Lehmann!

Mr. Lehmann, I do respect Rep Steinburg for doing what he believes is right. I disagree with him wholeheartedly and will continue to post how I feel. I do respect Ms. Holly Koerber as well. You sir, I have no respect for. None at all! You are still I believe an angry man.

Mr. Lehmann, Gotcha!

Mr. Lehamnn, Gotcha! Your persona speaks volumes of you. Gotcha!

Mr. C. Dorsey,

you really need to take a deep breath, sit back and review what you've been posting here. You consider yourself a professional? You certainly don't act like one. You've been caught in a lie after denying it. You call me childish while you act childish. You attempt to criticize me for being a gotcha person, whatever that means, while at the same time playing gotcha yourself. I really think you are doing yourself and your organization no favors by continuing to make stupid comments in a feeble attempt to promote your agenda. I guess some are just slow learners, very slow learners.

Thank You Tina!

It has been brought to my attention that Rep Bob Steinburg is extremely adversarial when he is in disagreement with others. Thank your for sharing this.

Mr. Hrris

please view the other videos I posted. Steinburg spins the printed word but the videos don't lie.

Steinburg is the Wrong Choice for Us

Rep Bob Steinburg is the wrong choice for public education and Northeastern NC. The gotcha attitude that Mr. Lehmann exhibits when he is posting is a prime reason why we must vote Steinburg out of office. Rep Steinburg voted to end due process for teachers. In other words, Rep Steinburg voted to legislate that our teachers cannot even have a hearing if they are recommended for termination. There are good principals working in our schools. But there are principals who have the Gotcha Attitude that Mr. Lehmann exhibits constantly when he finds an opportunity to be adversarial. Gotcha, I gotcha.

Mr. C. Dorsey Harris, you just don't get it, do you?

I don't give a damn about gotchas and don't believe Rep. Steinburg does either. What I give a damn about is honesty and integrity, which it appears is not important to you. When I found you being dishonest about using june443 as a pseudonym, while at the same time posting you didn't use pseudonyms, I had to speak up. You claim to have done that because you forgot your own username and password, but at the same time did remember a friend's, so you used her's. What is doubly deceitful about that is you used it to support your opinion in a column you had written for TDA as well as other blogs. I guess it was actually triply deceitful because you denied doing it in DA blogs even after the fact. Call that a gotcha attitude if you like Mr. C Dorsey, but I totally disagree. I consider Rep. Bob Steinburg to be one of the most honest and honorable men I have met in my nearly 70 years and he is the right choice to represent us in northeastern NC. I don't care for the way you operate and deceitfully hide behind a pseudonym while doing it and then deny it when caught. I'll be watching you Mr. C. Dorsey Harris and if you continue, I'll getcha. I'll getcha every time. You can count on that.


http://www.ca4.uscourts.gov/Opinions/Published/071181.P.pdf that is a written account of his misconduct. If you don't think it is the same Robert Charles Steinburg then watch it on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu9DUBk4FwM Here is the encounter with Mr. Luton and Steinburg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SC_qtPHixY. Steinburg's true nature as a man shows through in each of these events.

Thank you

Thank you, Tina. I hadn't seen either of these videos.

The videos

are very revealing. Steinburg presents himself as someone who only wants it his way. Share the videos with your friends. People should see him in action before they make a decision about whether to vote for him.

Mr. Lehmann!

I did not say that I had not used june443. I stated I have not used Unaffiliated and Educators. When I used june443, I borrowed that from a friend. That is her username. I had forgotten my username and password. I then contacted the Daily Advance and registered myself as who I am, Dorsey Harris. Thank you for calling attention to that. I do not feel as though I lied. I do not know who Educators and Unaffiliated are, no more than you do. It is okay for people to use pseudonyms but I did make the decision that I would not anymore. I also made the decision to keep my comments respectful. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

Let me get this straight.

You couldn't remember your username or password, but you could remember a friend's username and password, so you used her's? You don't know who Educators or Unaffiliated are. You're correct in that I don't either. I've never even commented on their blogs. I've never used a pseudonym in my life and don't ever intend to do so. I'm glad to see you no longer feel you need to write under a pseudonym as well.


maybe he was visiting his friend and she was logged in so he made his comments. Sounds like an innocent situation to me. However, Steinburg doesn't look so innocent.


I, Tina Lunt, am the one who pays for educators and I have added to this thread. Speaking of Steinburg and his nasty attitude I have a good read for you. Check out http://www.ca4.uscourts.gov/Opinions/Published/071181.P.pdf.

Fairness in Media!

Educators and Unaffiliated are not Mr. Dorsey Harris. I can't afford several publications to the Daily Advance. You really amuse me Fairness in Media. And do we know who you are?

It's interesting to note Mr. C. Dorsey Harris

does not deny using the pseudonym june443, the reason being he can't without being caught in a lie. He has used june443 repeatedly, all the while denying he even uses pseudonyms. Oh what a tangled web he weaves. Mr. C. Dorsey Harris is not an honest man.

Mr. Harris

I have always found Mr. Harris to be honest and honorable. He has owned the june443.

I am sorry, Mr. Harris.

I was not actually accusing you, I was attempting a toungue-in-cheek response to others who were speculating about who was behind certain pseudonyms. I am sure it does not matter to you whether I believe you to be the person behind a pen name, and I honestly do not care myself who is behind a pen name. I encourage the discourse and am happy people are willing to discuss issues that matter to all of us.

Mr. or Ms. Fairness In Media

Dear Mr. or Ms. Fairness in Media, I always act in a clear conscience. That is why I don't use pseudonyms. You have been at one meeting where I protested to Ms. Meads to allow Rep Steinburg to speak, not her. We came to hear him. You know very little about our organization. We for years have fought for the rights of public school educators and public education. We have an enviable history. And our Education Forum was not just a NCAE meeting. We invited in an audience from the educational and greater communities. I would be long fired. What an interesting perspective Mr. or Ms. Fairness in Media. You must know firsthand how I manage my job duties. Again, I do not take seriously anyone who vents with a pseudonym. I will continue to do what I think is right, with a clear conscience. I hope that our American voting public will awaken and realize the GOP is only for big and special interests, not public education, the middle class or the working poor. I will continue to speak out against any and all legislators and the governor who are legislating laws that hurt us.

I no longer use pseudonyms,

after I was caught red-handed using pseudonyms, before I denied using pseudonyms. This allows me to act in clear conscience.

Got it.

You know all the places I have been? Ok. Not even worth debating. I thought we dealt last time you responded to a post by me with what you, "know" about me personally. In any case-to your quote,"I hope that our American voting public will awaken and realize the GOP is only for big and special interests, not public education, the middle class or the working poor". Anyone who thinks they should take seriously any claim you make about being bi-partisan and giving a Republican an honest hearing, should reconsider in light of the continuous commentary you make about Republicans and the GOP. You have made my point over and over but I do appreciate your willingness to have at least some civil discourse on the subject. Happy Easter and I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather.

Bully Steinburg

Just in case you haven't figured it out, Steinburg who formerly spewed praise on Steinburg (himself) as Albemarle Conservative has changed his screen name to fairnessinmedia. So tricky.


That makes it clear to me. Mr. Harris has always been a fair minded person who has the ability to see 'both sides' of the issues. Yes, Steinburg himself would indeed say such things to Mr. Harris as was posted by fairnessinmedia. I have found Steinburg to be rude and condescending towards his constituents. He is a poor sport and resorts to name calling and attempting to belittle people to make them agree with him. The current state of public education in North Carolina has been declining for years but what the current Republican legislature, including Steinburg, has done is causing a sharp fall. They did nothing to assist and anything they could to dismantle education. The situation is dire and it is the children who will suffer in the end. Teachers may have to get a second or third job but the children will not have a second chance at getting the k-12 public education they deserve. Steinburg should be ashamed of himself. Follow the money! Pearson is getting rich off of North Carolina. Mr. Harris sleep well tonight :)

Interesting. Or maybe

"educators", "unaffilliated" and, "june443" are in fact all Mr. Harris? Please! Can we just grow up and talk about issues?

I am educators

Tina Lunt is educators. That is a fact! I pay that bill and I speak for myself.


My name is Tina Lunt and I am educators on this thread.

Dear fairnessinmedia

Thank you for making the case against anonymous posts. Now own it and disclose your identity.

Oh my,

Ms. James. Would that be bullying on your part, "demanding" I do what YOU demand? I follow the rules established by those who ARE in charge of this venue. If you aren't happy with those rules, take them up with those in charge. But don't delude yourself in to thinking I will, have had, or ever will be obligated to do as YOU demand. If you continue to harass people on this board with such demands, I will happily bring my concerns about your stalking people's identities to those in charge. Have a wonderful day!

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