Letter: STEM school would challenge top students

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STEM school would challenge top students

I would like to give Mayor Joe Peel a standing ovation for his work to get a STEM charter school started. This is something the northeast really needs. The people that are in opposition are being very shortsighted and are trying to protect their own turf at the expense of the children and the future of the area and nation.

Dear Reader,
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I agree

I agree, Mr. Rountree. I think Charter Schools have a place in our system (not as pervasive as others appear to support). Northeast NC needs a regional school for students not being challenged by the public schools. Unlike metropolitan areas, we do not have magnet schools. This would serve the purpose of a magnet school in our rural area.

Always right on

Earl you are right on target, why do we continue to teach to the bottom 20% of the classes? We should be challenging all students and have programs that do two things. First leave no child behind and just as important hold no child back. Until liberals quit thinking the second group is only for the "community organizers" of the world we will continue to hold our high achievers back. Our country was created on the backs of the high achievers and most creative. We were the most advanced technological country in the world. The past 30 years of education have seen too many countries pass the U.S. by. And before the NEA hacks start on funding, my daughter had 6 math teachers in the 8th grade. She also had students performing sex acts in the classroom while the teacher was smoking in the parking lot. This was under the Democratic administration of NC. We need our students challenged, remove thugs from the classrooms and let our educators educate. Pay the good ones and replace the bad. Create learning enviroments where our children are able to reach their goals. The STEM schools are a step in that direction.

You got this one right

Earl's commentary I often disagree with or I'm left confused by but this one he is completely correct. Until we have a school that tests higher than the national average our economic woes will continue.

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