Letter: Taxpayers end up getting bill for lawsuits

By Ernest Askew

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Here’s a piece of free advice about lawsuits from a local taxpayer. In order for a lawsuit to have merit and result in a winning decision, the suit must prove four legal elements: A duty, which is a legal or moral obligation; a breach of duty, which is failure to perform a legal or moral duty; causation, which is an action that causes a reaction or other effect; and damages, which are injuries incurred by a party, most often expressed as monetary compensation whose purpose is to compensate the injured party.

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Khan Influence

Yes indeed. Khan’s loyalty to faculty from India is beyond question. Just look at the Chairpersons or Directors appointed during the Khan era at ECSU. Khan is also influencing Becton's mind on moving in the same wrong path.

Wasteful spending of Taxpayers' money

As of late, a host of lawsuits have been filed against Elizabeth City State University. However, the current leadership appears to scapegoat responsibility. Willie Gilchrist was a sorry and ineffective leader. However, Gilchrist's lieutenants are equally as responsible for the horrific state of ECSU ask "Big Willie." Gilchrist's lieutenants paved the way for him to lead the University into a pit of darkness. Again, taxpayers must shoulder all responsibility. It is without question, Elizabeth City State University needs a complete makeover. The leadership has been in a quagmire of relentless inefficiency for far too long. As such, I salute Judge Becton for the numerous changes that he has imposed thus far. However, I cannot fathom why he would put so much trust and confidence in individuals like Benjamin Durant, Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance, and Ali Khan, Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Each of these “questionable” leaders consistently provides scathing reports about the state of ECSU. The “Batman/ Robin duo” of Benjamin Durant and Ali Khan makes a mockery of higher education leadership and human decency. Benjamin Durant and Ali Khan conduct themselves as if they are beyond reproach. They appear to function on the premise that the entire education community is “hoodwinked” and functional academic derelicts. When it comes to ECSU’s financial deficits, it is without question, expenditures are filtered across the desk of Benjamin Durant. However, he conducts himself as if his hands are pristine and devoid of any irregularities with regard to the finances at ECSU. When it comes to the financial status at ECSU, Mr. Durant has covered his tracks quite well. However, his uncanny maneuvers will be availed in just a matter of time. Ali Khan is at best the “groundhog” of ECSU’s academia. He is a fair-weather friend who has no loyalty to anyone except himself, and faculty from India. His “homeland security” approach to human resources is nothing less than ludicrous. Khan’s loyalty to faculty from India is beyond question, even if they haven’t mastered the English language. To this end, students are the great losers. As the “groundhog” of ECSU’s academia, he only shows his real face during times of serious challenge. Then, he’ll slap a conning smile on his face and scapegoat with the skill of a masterful dancer. Are we all hoodwinked and cerebrally challenged? One must admit; the Gilchrist regime was a travesty to justice and higher education teaching and learning. Benjamin Durant and Ali Khan were indeed major protagonists in that era of ignorance and darkness. Why should they be exonerated for their lack of leadership? Is the “big house” off limits to public scrutiny?

Here's an idea

If you lose the lawsuit, you AND your lawyer pay for it.


Surely the writer does not believe the 'stuff' he writes. What a joke, dude.

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