Letter: Traffic checkpoint really a school fundraiser

By MD Daniels

The Daily Advance

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In response to the Camden County Sheriff’s Office’s press release bragging about its “Hands Across the Border” checkpoint conducted on Thursday, Aug. 28, a little explanation is needed to prove that people are dumber than we possibly could give them credit for.

Dear Reader,
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Wow..... let's get a few things straight..

One, I am the MD Daniels... This should entertain some people..... 1st.. Quiet Observer.... I don't fish. If I wanted a fishy smell to permeate my area I'd move as close to Washington D.C. or Raleigh's legislative assemblies. 2nd.. A waste of time is completely a third person view. In the first person it can be considered anything else. To comment on how I spend my time would open up the idea that you responding was even more a waste of time. I don't happen to believe either was, but none the less the opinion could be valid. 3rd.. My real problem with the check point was the timing, and in this LONG point I will address Mr. Hiemer here. Who really drives to Virginia along US 17 between 8AM and 12:30 PM? Mostly people working in Virginia. People who work here tend to live here. There are a few people from Virginia who commute down here, but most of those drivers were commuters in reality. So basically, the Camden Sheriff Department targeted people with jobs. (and remember, Virginia/Chesapeake was in on this, so they deserve comments as well.) Mr. Hiemer, you ask who I want on the roads with my loved ones? My wife does the commute north to Virginia everyday. We choose to live here because of the costs, the community, the ambiance. We did not choose to do so because we suddenly wanted her to be a target of traffic stops for the license plate on her car. Which is exactly what this stop was for. You want a good check point? How about outside of bars on Friday and Saturday nights between 7pm and 3am, when alcohol related arrests and deaths are most likely to occur. You want to take money from people who forgot their drivers license because they are a greater threat to your safety than drunk drivers? really??? FREAKING REALLY??? Who is contributing more to the community? Also, the report noted 2 searches.... it also noted 2 citations and a warning of things that should only have been found during a search. 1) marijuana possession (citation) 2) drug paraphernalia (citation) 3) Under sized fish (warning) So either they were looking enough to notice an under sized fish, or they actually were searching the car and found a fish, and nothing else... which makes me wonder... why were they searching in the first place? Think, how many searches did they just drop on citizens of not only Camden county, but Pasquatank, Perquimans, Chowan, Gates etc etc etc... Why is it suddenly considered a public nuisance to be driving to work to help support a family? Notice, I didn't mention the trucks cited for being over weight, but my initial reaction to that part was "thank god I didn't drive through there, I'd have been cited a few hundred dollars just on weight alone.... and I drive a Toyota. Lastly: IT WAS A JOKE!!!! I WAS BEING SNARK!!! If any of you ever complain about people being to politically correct, start your complaining into the mirror. MD Daniels


M.D.Daniels - Just reviewed your latest post...I will still stay with my original thoughts. We'll agree to disagree. Nothing wrong with your idea to have checkpoints near bars to detect DWI drivers. As a law abiding citizen, who takes responsibility for my own actions, I am in favor of anything that will help law enforcement get irresponsible drivers off our roads. Texting while driving - I'm sure your wife sees that on RTE # 17 just like I do - is my new bone of contention. Wishing you & yours safe travels! Bill Hiemer


No one should ever be stopped, walking or driving without probable cause. We have lost so many of our rights already, I can only image what the future holds for my kids. Lets stop being sheep and become men again with individual rights and liberties.

Sounds like....

M D Daniels is upset over losing his fish! But seriously though I believe in these check points, this one has become too routine. Every Thursday before Labor Day, in the. A.m. Usually they set up this road block. I traveled this road daily for 40 years and on that particular day you could see a drastic change in the flow of traffic and clientele traveling it. They need to shake it up a bit by changing dates, times and processes. Heck even the guy monitoring the services at the rest stop reminded me and others to be careful as the next day they would be doing the checkpoint

That suggestion would be way too smart.

It is really hard to figure out...do they want to catch offenses or do they really NOT want to catch offenses?

this annaul roadblock is a waste of taxpayer money

I don't agree with raodblocks and this one especially. With around 100 LEO's standing on the side of the road writing tickets for minor infractions all being feed and paid for on our dime is IMHO a waste of money and to me is a violation of our rights to travel freely. While Bill might have been treating with respect I can bet those that were written tickets were not and were instead treated as common crimminals.A driving violation does NOT constitute such action.

Several people were found to

Several people were found to be driving with no license or revoked licenses. These people should NOT be driving on our roads. If nothing else, these enforcement actions publicize the fact that they do happen. Any time you get in your vehicle, you could be stopped. That being the case, it would be in your own interest to make sure your driver's license, registration and inspection are all current and legal. The question about the fish --- well, in the article they indicated that law enforcement from other agencies were utilized. A deputy may not know a whole lot about what size fish is or isn't legal - but a wildlife officer would. The fish thing is within the purview of wildlife - that's their job. I guess folks are suggesting the wildlife officer shouldn't do his job.

The wildlife officer should do his job

on the banks and the waterways, not on a busy highway.

The moral to this story is,

if you're going to carry fish, only pack over-sized fish. I think that might be a good rule of thumb.

Measuring fish on a busy highway

is about the dumbest thing I can think of. Right next to doing a traffic stop on a busy corridor at 7:30 am., when school is in session.

I couldn't agree more - with

I couldn't agree more - with Mr. Hiemer.


M.D. Daniels - Starting with your initial sentence ..." a little explanation is needed to prove that people are dumber than we possibly could give them credit for" I disagree with your entire premise. 8 people were driving with NO LICENSE and 5 with REVOKED LICENSES! Do you want them on the road with you and your loved ones??? 3 tickets were issued for improper registration, 1 for expired inspection and 1 for failure to appear in court. Model citizens??? If N.C. Fisheries wrote up a few illegal fish, so what? I happen to get stopped in the south bound checkpoint, in VA, with my two grandchildren in the car. I was treated with respect, and only required a few minutes to check my license/registration/inspection & we were on our way. We have yet to see the report on how many violations that checkpoint uncovered. You note that $7715 in fines was levied, like that is a bad thing. I am very pleased that people who cannot even follow basic rules/laws of the road at least get the opportunity to contribute much need $$$ to our local school districts. However, M.D. Daniels, if you wanted to complain about a few illegal fish, TDA certainly gave you the stage! Bill Hiemer

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